Different Card, Different Day 1/4/18 January 04 2018, 0 Comments

Splish Splash! This is a fun card that is very colorful and has a few different sea critters swimming around. One of my favorites...a turtle. The card was designed with the idea of looking into a window under the sea. The actual ocean panel is partially black velvet and taken from one of my nieces and nephews coloring books. I did color it with them one day during a visit.  

The hibiscus flowers and blue shell are puff layer stickers. (Not the same kinda puff stickers I had as a kid...They've come a looooooong way and are so incredibly dimensional).

If you want to find out how this card was made, using which supplies or how I possibly could design a card for you, please contact me.  Leave me a comment too and let me know what you think about today's card of my daily "Different Card, Different Day" blog series. 

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Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace. Published for 1/4/18.