Different Card, Different Day #27 May 27 2017, 0 Comments

I made this "wonderful you" card for a wonderful couple I hold dear in my heart. Everytime I see this picture, I am reminded of them and the very special time we last spent together, laughing and joking.  


For me, sometimes it seems like making a card for someone lets me hold on to the moment/occasion because I have the photos of them to look back on whenever I want. 

If you want to find out even more details on how this card was made, using which supplies or how I possibly could design a card for you, please contact me.  Leave me a comment too and let me know what you think about day #27's card of my daily "Different Card, Different Day" blog series.

Thanks for reading my blog. Enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace. Published on 5/27/17.