Different Card, Different Day #49 June 18 2017, 0 Comments

A friend was moving to a far away place (Tennessee) and I thought it would be nice to put together a going away card for her. The balloons are clearly following the corkboard sign that says "This way to adventure". Either that or the wind is coincidentally blowing them that way.

"Wishing You Good Luck" pops off the page with a foam adhesive dot. The balloon strings are hand drawn on and tied in a bow.

To make the mountain tops covered in snow, I added some white three dimensional modeling paste and carefully drew the snowcaps on with a toothpick, pulling it down the slope.

If you want to find out how this card was made, using which supplies or how I possibly could design a card for you, please contact me.  Leave me a comment too and let me know what you think about day #49's card of my daily "Different Card, Different Day" blog series. 

Thanks for reading my blog. Enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace. Published on 6/18/17.