Different Card, Different Day #14 May 14 2017, 0 Comments

Hello with love. This elegant white rose card is matched with burgundy papers and sheer ribbon from Maker's Mart.  Tiny round purple Dazzles are lined up in the tips of the white border that I punched using one of those continuous cutting border punches.  If you really want to know where I got this white rose from...I saved it from a frame I bought years ago. It was the framed artwork that has the measurements and company information on it it's been upcycled. I just love it when I can turn something, that might have otherwise been thrown away, into my art creation. 

If you want to find out more details on how this card was made, using which supplies or how I possibly could design a card for you, please contact me.  Leave me a comment too and let me know what you think about day #14's card.

Thanks for reading my blog. Enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace on 5/14/17.