Have you heard?..."Zentangle" is the Word March 02 2015, 2 Comments

A decision was made by me this morning. That was, I am trying something new today. And I did, I Zentangled. I doodled till my heart's content on a dark green wine bottle that I had removed the label from. I thought it came out great and you know, I felt like I accomplished something pretty spectacular.  I also love it when I try something for the first time and I'm pleased with the first take! 

Now, it wasn't like the luck of this Irish girl just happened...I researched Zentangle and got advice from others that have done it before. I'm a strong believer in research. Guess I'm the one that sticks my big toe into the pool first to test the waters and does not just jump in. Especially when it comes to me creating something in a new art medium. (Have you ever tried drawing on a 3-dimensional surface? Try doodling on an egg with a marker...not so easy is it?)  It sounds funny in a way to say what I just wrote because art to me can be so spontaneous, raw and inspired on a whim, so why all the research talk? Well, research inspires me. It gives me the knowledge of what I need to do and in the best way possible. This might be why the things I'm making come out the way they do. No tooting my own horn, just want to pass on a good kind-a feeling with my readers and let everyone know that it's totally cool to be inspired by other artists and their work. It builds confidence. My paisley Zentangle pattern that I did may not have had all the detail or could have been choppy and drawn without smooth lines, because I lacked the confidence in what I was doing. So I encourage fellow artists to speak out to one another. Talk shop.

For me, sitting in front of a blank canvas, I'm always found pondering, what to create on it and how. I have so many ideas! I hesitate at first and then go and look more into a subject of interest for me. Sometimes it takes me a few times to look into things before actually touching the paintbrush to the surface or the oil pen to the glass, in this case. I held that bottle until it was warm from the heat of my hands. But then I started, I Zentangled. I tried something new today and I enjoyed it. 

Oh, and I found an easy way to remove those labels off wine bottles...put them in the cold oven, turn to 375 and bake for 25 minutes. Let them sit overnight in the oven to cool down. The label should peel right off.  This comes in handy when you want to save the label. I have already started to think about what I can do with them. But first I have to finish this wine bottle. 

Update on 3/10/15 is as follows:

The wine bottle project is completed and pics are below. Also included are some other fun Zentangle projects we've been doing.



UPDATED 3/16/15:

Here are even more projects that we are working on (below). Found a mosaic look on an up-cycled wine bottle to be realistic and spectacularly eye catching. The plain paper gift bags were turned into a jellyfish, octopus and a patchwork of Zentangle samples that I was practicing on. This is too much fun and really endless in opportunity as to what is created and on what too. Even someone that feels they cannot do this, I encourage to try. For those that see this as a chance to color the world, join me. Let me see some of your Zentangles. Here's our latest: