Gift giving in pretty packages May 11 2014, 0 Comments

Packaging. I'm drawn to the way things are wrapped or boxed. I love opening presents! As I'm sure most other people share this similar trait. I also love giving a gift so beautifully wrapped they hesitate to open it, on account of all that "prettiness". So it got me thinking about the cute little paper boxes I include in each Pysanky egg purchase. I never put any of them on display for people to see and I thought I'd share this pretty sparkly purple one.

I make them with different papers, ribbon and/or packaging decorations and I try to match the theme to the egg colors. If you could believe this...the egg that went inside this box was a special order for a Bhuddha face on a purple egg. It came out amazing too. Since it was a wedding gift from my customer, I personalized it with their requested name and wedding date. Didn't know I could do that? Yesssssss, I can.

I'm planning on putting up more boxes and will add to this blog regularly so you can see them.