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It's October and my candy is being handed out in style October 11 2016, 0 Comments

It's October...or as I like to call it..."Candy Month". I'm not sure which I like to do more, give out the candy, or receive it. When I hand it out, I throw a gift tag on it. And they are not the kind of tag you put on just anyone's candy...whoever gets one, is gonna feel special. This short blog has a few pics (front and backsides) of the ones I worked on today and a reminder message to those that need gift tags, for any occasion...we make them!


Give one of your besties a "Witch" gift tag. Why not? The little handmade graves have three handwritten names on them. R.I.P. "Alwina", "Hazel" and of course "West" from the Wizard of Oz. Green skull tape goes up the side, under the green jeweled witch ticket and black and white striped ribbon is looped through the hole, resembling witch's stockings. Plenty is left on to tie the candy to.

The Candy Corn themed gift tags are too cute with their little "yum" sign and colorful candy corns all over the green and purple ticket stub. Two different letter/alphabet stickers were used to spell the words "corn". Both were highlighted with a Faber Castell charcoal pencil and then smudged with my finger. It's interesting to make tags so similar but with various different things going into them. Sometimes this creativity derives from not having enough of something to make the amount you want. As a result, you improvise and create what you can.


To give them a shadow effect on the edges, I applied Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink. It's my favorite color to use and my "go-to" color. A nice old-fashioned brown aged look is created. I also drew around the To:/From: box and many of the other stickers or embellishments attached with a Faber Castell 0.8 black marker. It adds depth to anything and makes your art pop off the page.

The ribbon is orange, black, fun and fuzzy, plus matched the playful mood of this tag. 

The "October 31" gift tags had different candy pieces on them (located around the "candy" sign). Told you that I thought October went simultaneously with Candy.


The green worm inches his way up the ticket stub, a spider spins her web in the upper corner and a bat flies free with his open wings. A couple of bugs are on the backside and a ribbon with three different stripes of green, loop through the hole (as seen in the first photo of this blog).

Maybe these inspired you. Maybe you'll send me some candy with your own handmade gift tag. Or maybe I'll show you some more soon, as I've been busy making them for the online gift shop.

Enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace on 10/11/16.


Homemade gift tags make me happy November 10 2015, 0 Comments

Gift tags are fun and simple to make. I also think they are better when they are homemade. I took some of my favorite rubber stamps, embellishments, markers, new paper & scrap papers, ribbon, glue, distress inks and watercolor pencils, then put my ideas to work. I happened to have a couple of punches that I used to cut cardstock into tags and when I was tired of those shapes, I started cutting my own. There are so many gift tags to look at in this blog and I'm happy to share them with you. 

The "Bee You" and "Just for you" bees are rubber stamped with black StayzOn ink. Yellow Ranger distress ink was applied with a dobber along the edges and faded in. The bee and wings were shaded with watercolor pencil that I added water to and blended with my paintbrush. The dotted lines around the edges are hand drawn with a black Micron marker. It's a lot of work but so worth that little extra touch. I thought blue ribbon looked nice with the yellow and black so I punched a hole in the top center and looped the ribbon through in my usual manner.  Don't forget to add the little stick-on reinforcement label. It will really give the support the paper tag needs so the hole doesn't rip or tear through. 

These lady bugs were pre-made foam stickers that I picked up at ACMoore. The white paper card stock was stamped in red ink with a cute ladybug rubber stamp. The words were also rubber stamped. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to have stickers that I can mix and match with my embellishments, like these ladybugs. The little ladybug is a left-over sticker from a set I used on some other tags. Put them together and they create a cute set.


The four tags above were embossed with an embossing folder that I ran through my Spellbinders machine. Ranger distress inks were used to fade in the edges. These words were Tim Holtz stickers and rub-ons I found on sheets filled with various words and sayings. The flowers were penciled with watercolor and then blended with water using my paintbrush.  I tend to do this technique a lot and think it adds a great hand-painted look.


Hey look, there is that ladybug sticker set I mentioned before. I added in the markered dots and lines and kept these cute and simple. A bright lime green ribbon matched beautifully to their colors.


Did you know that you can use your dobber through a stencil with your Ranger distress inks? I just found that out with my tiny dotted stencil in the above tags' backgrounds. The butterfly is a chipboard embellishment I added distress ink to its edges to give it dimension, then glued it on. The flower is embossed using my heat gun and purple embossing powder with VersaMark ink. I then shadow filled it in with watercolor pencils and water. I made many of the flower ones with different colored embossing powders. I'll add a strip of them at the end of this blog so you can see how changing colors but using the same style can make a great set of tags.

One of my friends purchased all of the penguin gift tags I made. Each were made using pre-cut penguin foam shapes that I placed a hand painted watercolor heart onto. I thought a blue snowflake background would look best on white cardstock. A simple blue line, drawn with a blue marker, outlines the entire tag. 



Christmas and Winter Season gift tags that used some more of the pre-made cut out foam shapes were starting to get me into the holiday season mood as I was making them. Some were even glittered already! I stamped the words on and glued on some snowflake embellishments to make them sparkle more. Brown Ranger distress inks were used on the edges and gave them an antiqued look. The santa tags are swatches of material ModPodged onto cardstock and edged with fabric paint. Since the pattern was in the top center of the tag where I normally place the hole, I punched the hole in the corner instead.


As you can probably tell by the several tags above that I used the same techniques of rubber stamping, stenciled background, shaded edges and glued on embellishments. Ripping paper and edging the scraps with distress inks gives it that look below in the butterfly tags. I took white cardstock, stamped the words on as the main background and ModPodged the ripped paper on (after I inked their edges). The owls and bumblebees below are pre-made felt sticker embellishments on top of white embossed diamonds. 


And a wonderful way to upcycle postage stamps is to add them into your art. These five embossed lime green and red tags below were made by adhering on real postage stamps with ModPodge. 


The red words were from a rub-on set and were easy to apply on the white cardstock before I glued it onto the lime green embossed paper. The pine needle embossing folder chosen was the perfect background. The design was raised after it came out of the Spellbinders machine but when I gently rubbed brown distress ink over the raised needles, it popped even more.







Maybe you'll be inspired to make your own gift tags. Feel free to share them with me on this blog.

Since I'm huge into upcycling and repurposing things, I strongly suggest that you think about things you have at home that you can make gift tags out of. I plan to use more than just my old Christmas cards, stationery, postage stamps, paper scraps and embellishments. It's a good feeling to make something new out of something old. Perhaps I'll have to blog about upcycled gift tags next.

You mean, the gift tag wasn't the gift? I could have stopped there and been happy. March 16 2015, 0 Comments

Gifts are great. Gifts wrapped up pretty with gift tags...even better! The gift tags I've been working on have embossed stamps that come from either my collection or my moms. Using my many varieties of stamps, papers and embossing powders plus trying out my carousel of special scissors (like the scalloped edges on the tags above). I've been going with a beach theme for my latest creations and used a crab, a turtle, some sea shells, palm trees, the sun...I can go on with all this beach talk. You get the point.  I'll show you some pics and spare you some reading time.


Oh, here's the backside of the palm tree gift tags that are pictured above (all have white embossed seashells in the lower right corner). Since I knew I'd be doing this when laying out my ideas and designs for this project, I planned accordingly and used double sided paper. 

Something so small can be such a big deal. Stick one on any gift and it gives it that little extra something that makes them stop and smile. Say something with one by writing on it or leave it as is. Here's my latest "Thanks" gift tags. These all have bling jewels on them. I prefer using the self-sticking ones with a pair of tweezers. This way the only gluing I'm doing is the paper with my trusty Elmer's Craft glue stick.

Notice some gift tags have ribbon and some have jute twine? There's no limitations as to what can be put on it. When you emboss a stamp (raise it with embossing powder and a heat gun) you give whatever it just got stamped on, a more professional and eye catching look.  Embossing impresses!  Also adding clear reinforcements to the punched holes before the ribbon/twine was tied through, assured me that the card stock and papers would not be compromised by tearing.

I think I'll use this blog post as my collection of gift tags and upload them all here as I make them. I have a gazillion scrap pieces of paper and stamps just waiting to be used. I'll also include photo's of the work in progress explaining more as I go. Like the embossing process. But for now, here's that scissor carousel.  Notice the lines on the scissors blade that shows you the shape it will be cutting for you. I plan to use them all!

Here's close up pics of raised embossed stamps. The process is quite easy. You'll need embossing powder and a heat gun. 


And some of those embossing powders...have GLITTER in them!!! Check out this bling-ed out crab:

For now I will leave with a pile of embossed stamps I haven't had the chance to get to yet...yet.