You mean, the gift tag wasn't the gift? I could have stopped there and been happy. March 16 2015, 0 Comments

Gifts are great. Gifts wrapped up pretty with gift tags...even better! The gift tags I've been working on have embossed stamps that come from either my collection or my moms. Using my many varieties of stamps, papers and embossing powders plus trying out my carousel of special scissors (like the scalloped edges on the tags above). I've been going with a beach theme for my latest creations and used a crab, a turtle, some sea shells, palm trees, the sun...I can go on with all this beach talk. You get the point.  I'll show you some pics and spare you some reading time.


Oh, here's the backside of the palm tree gift tags that are pictured above (all have white embossed seashells in the lower right corner). Since I knew I'd be doing this when laying out my ideas and designs for this project, I planned accordingly and used double sided paper. 

Something so small can be such a big deal. Stick one on any gift and it gives it that little extra something that makes them stop and smile. Say something with one by writing on it or leave it as is. Here's my latest "Thanks" gift tags. These all have bling jewels on them. I prefer using the self-sticking ones with a pair of tweezers. This way the only gluing I'm doing is the paper with my trusty Elmer's Craft glue stick.

Notice some gift tags have ribbon and some have jute twine? There's no limitations as to what can be put on it. When you emboss a stamp (raise it with embossing powder and a heat gun) you give whatever it just got stamped on, a more professional and eye catching look.  Embossing impresses!  Also adding clear reinforcements to the punched holes before the ribbon/twine was tied through, assured me that the card stock and papers would not be compromised by tearing.

I think I'll use this blog post as my collection of gift tags and upload them all here as I make them. I have a gazillion scrap pieces of paper and stamps just waiting to be used. I'll also include photo's of the work in progress explaining more as I go. Like the embossing process. But for now, here's that scissor carousel.  Notice the lines on the scissors blade that shows you the shape it will be cutting for you. I plan to use them all!

Here's close up pics of raised embossed stamps. The process is quite easy. You'll need embossing powder and a heat gun. 


And some of those embossing powders...have GLITTER in them!!! Check out this bling-ed out crab:

For now I will leave with a pile of embossed stamps I haven't had the chance to get to yet...yet.