It's October and my candy is being handed out in style October 11 2016, 0 Comments

It's October...or as I like to call it..."Candy Month". I'm not sure which I like to do more, give out the candy, or receive it. When I hand it out, I throw a gift tag on it. And they are not the kind of tag you put on just anyone's candy...whoever gets one, is gonna feel special. This short blog has a few pics (front and backsides) of the ones I worked on today and a reminder message to those that need gift tags, for any occasion...we make them!


Give one of your besties a "Witch" gift tag. Why not? The little handmade graves have three handwritten names on them. R.I.P. "Alwina", "Hazel" and of course "West" from the Wizard of Oz. Green skull tape goes up the side, under the green jeweled witch ticket and black and white striped ribbon is looped through the hole, resembling witch's stockings. Plenty is left on to tie the candy to.

The Candy Corn themed gift tags are too cute with their little "yum" sign and colorful candy corns all over the green and purple ticket stub. Two different letter/alphabet stickers were used to spell the words "corn". Both were highlighted with a Faber Castell charcoal pencil and then smudged with my finger. It's interesting to make tags so similar but with various different things going into them. Sometimes this creativity derives from not having enough of something to make the amount you want. As a result, you improvise and create what you can.


To give them a shadow effect on the edges, I applied Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress Ink. It's my favorite color to use and my "go-to" color. A nice old-fashioned brown aged look is created. I also drew around the To:/From: box and many of the other stickers or embellishments attached with a Faber Castell 0.8 black marker. It adds depth to anything and makes your art pop off the page.

The ribbon is orange, black, fun and fuzzy, plus matched the playful mood of this tag. 

The "October 31" gift tags had different candy pieces on them (located around the "candy" sign). Told you that I thought October went simultaneously with Candy.


The green worm inches his way up the ticket stub, a spider spins her web in the upper corner and a bat flies free with his open wings. A couple of bugs are on the backside and a ribbon with three different stripes of green, loop through the hole (as seen in the first photo of this blog).

Maybe these inspired you. Maybe you'll send me some candy with your own handmade gift tag. Or maybe I'll show you some more soon, as I've been busy making them for the online gift shop.

Enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace on 10/11/16.