Meet the Artists March 13 2014

Jennifer Quilty, Owner

I'm the one responsible for all those eggs. I'm continually creating them with new designs like turtles or abstract flowers and striving to make these treasures more modern, rather than traditional Pysanky designs.  I want people to know the traditional egg decorating symbol and color meanings and the rich history behind them. I also want them to have fun matching up what their personal egg means and enjoy something so unique in their home their family and friends will be envious, and then of course want one of their own.

It's fun making these and I love coming up with new designs or sets with themes.  Who knows, one day I could create the coolest wedding favors that could be on every bride's wish list. The possibilities are endless and I have created a list of ideas a mile long. 

I am thankful I had the opportunity early 2014 to open Tamm's.  I figured I had a lot of talented friends that we could all grow together selling our homemade gifts and inspire one another along the way. So I asked them to join me and I created this Marketplace.  I hoped to bring a craft fair home to our customers (just without the long lines and junk food). Or better yet, be the reliable place one could go to when they wanted a quality homemade gift for themselves or someone else and always be able to find something great.

I'm pictured with Barsky my Yorkie (yes, he is yawning...I think he was bored during the photo shoot) and I have a chihuahua named Keelin. They keep my husband and I entertained and me company during the day while I work on adding more things to Tamm's.  We proudly own a sign that hangs in our kitchen that reads as follows "My kids are furry and have four feet".  Don't be surprised to see them around in my photos I share through here, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.  

Life is too short to not enjoy what you love. I hope my creations I share with you have inspired you in some way.


Meet Marj Kiley: 

I have always had an interest in various areas of crafting and have been "Artsy Fartsy" my whole life. In addition to being with my husband and large family of children and grandchildren, I am most happiest when I'm creating beautiful and wonderful original pieces of art. I've dabbled in many mediums including acrylic paints, watercolors, oils, pen & ink, plus I scrapbook, stamp and make greeting cards.  These have all shown me that my talents are unlimited and my artwork is appreciated. So much that I have taught lessons on some and have educated many on others.  During the years that my children were young I was able to teach Folk Art/Tole Painting with acrylic paints at home, in my studio and increase the number of artists in our world, giving the gift and knowledge of art to others. After that, I taught at Adult Education for 10 years and continue teaching craft classes at our campground.  The photo of me is at the campground pool with my husband at one of their many fun events.

 I'll spread the love of art to anyone that wants to learn. It's in my nature. Crafting is enjoyable to me and making things is what I love to do. Seeing others smile when they see the painting or ornament or homemade card or whatever it is that I decided to make that day, is rewarding. 

To reach me directly please email  Thank you and "If it doesn't move, paint it".


Here's Jules Kiley:

Hi!, I'm Jules Kiley. The best way to describe me is to say that I'm a mom of three who loves to create crafts and art. My specialty is cards for every occasion and hand designed photo frames but I'm interested in all different types of ways to create the perfect memory for you. It's what I like to call "getting in touch with my artistic side". 

As different holidays arrive, I plan to create, well in advance, a nice collection for you to choose from. If you have a special event or would like your cards personalized please contact me and I would be happy to discuss the details with you.

(My photo to soon be posted)


 Cassie's Story

Art means many different things to all people which opens a whole versatile world to explore. This is where I thrive & I enjoy learning and trying many new things so I feel the art scene was made for me. As a child I always got my hands into anything creative and inspiring. I have to thank my parents and few elementary teachers that encouraged my eccentric side.

I have attended two art schools (New Hampshire Institute of Art & Mass college of Art) to experience new mediums & discover where my heart lies. While attending Mass Art, I majored in hot glass, as soon as my hands felt the molten glass on the end of the blow pipe I knew I was home. Over the years I've moved from manipulating hot glass out of a furnace to lamp working on a torch solely for the change . Aside from glass work I make wonderful hairpieces of all kinds from barrettes to headbands to chopsticks for buns! I always wear one of my hairpieces for all whom appreciate aesthetically beautiful accessories! I constantly create new designs for pendants and hairpieces in hopes that one or many catch your eye and I wish for all to appreciate the crafts I produce.


Ellie's Hello

Hi, I'm Ellie, a mom, grandmother of four and great-grandmother to eight beautiful children.  I'm known as "Nana" to them. I've been an artist since I can remember and I'm going to be 91 this year!!! I've had the experience of making my own ceramics in my studio at my house and have created some great pieces like the green vase pictured below, that I gave to one of my granddaughters many years ago.  

I am a lover of art of all kinds and never limited myself to only one. (There are too many to love). I've painted in oils, acrylics, watercolor...basically all the different mediums.  I've even knitted many hats to donate to the local hospitals for newborns and other charities that appreciated the passing on of a homemade knitted hat for someone in need.  It's always been in my nature to give.

I've slowed things down a bit as the years pass and my "crafting" has become less and less. I've met many different people over the years and have experienced many joys in life thanks to my interest in art.  It brings people together.


Brian's Stone Engraving:

Engraving can turn an ordinary stone into a piece of art.  Add one to your garden, place your house number or full street address on one, select one of the many pre-cut designs already created like the sea turtle and smiling faced sun, or work with me directly on a custom engraving.  My name is Brian and I've been engraving stones in my professional studio like the ones pictured above with Cape Cod town names in various fonts, sizes and styles (raised or indented) for many years.

These make great eye appealing stones for any yard, home or business and can be custom made for you.  Pricing will vary based on size of stone and it's details.  A full estimate will be given prior to all custom orders.  Each project is done with special care using the proper knowledge, equipment and quality stones.

If you are looking for a unique gift, an engraved stone can be just what you are looking for. To reach me directly for any custom stone engraving order, please write me at  


Note: Currently the other Tamm's artists are putting together their information for you and will be available soon, along with their products. If you would like updates to this page please add your information to our email distribution list and we'll keep you posted.