Butterflies Are Simple Gifts - Mixed Media Canvas Art August 01 2015, 0 Comments

Here's my latest canvas art creation made exclusively for "Evelyn's 50th Birthday" and should be filed in the category of Mixed Media. Why? Because it was created with all kinds of mediums such as acrylic paints, alcohol inks, oil and water based pens, markers, modeling pastes, gels and creams, pearl mica flake, rubber stamps, embossing powders, stencils, doilies, scrapbook papers, paper towel scraps and glitter.  You can see them all in detail in the following close-up photos.

Besides loving butterflies and the color of red, I knew Evelyn liked to dance.  So I used music sheets from Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring, specifically the section "Simple Gifts". To me, butterflies are simple gifts.  I heard she also liked rubies (her birthstone) so I put some ruby jewels on the two large cut-out butterfly bodies. The more details I collected about the person this art piece was for, the more I could tailor it to her.


Each of the green leaves are hand painted to add more dimension to their already raised look.  To get this green aged patina result, I used white modeling paste with a stencil, waited for it to dry completely and then brush painted each with green alcohol ink and Perfect Pearls.


The silver embossing powder on the red modeling gel in the upper right corner of the flowers above was bubbly after a heat gun was applied. This effect leaves the stencil area puffy and can be pushed in with your finger if wanted for a crushed look.  I left them puffy. 


Can you see that I used a section of a scrap piece of paper towel in the pic above? It makes a great textured look on any canvas. 


Doilies also add great texture to your mixed media artwork. I used them for flowers after I painted them up a bit with alcohol inks, markers and Sharpie oil pens. Next to them, if you can see it, is a photograph of a pink chrysanthemum (upper right corner). That was a scrap from a card I had received years ago and have been saving it for something just like this. It fit in so well, I had to use it.   


This is the kind of art you can look at and continue to see new things in it as you study it. 


The back of the canvas is important to finish and what better way to do it than to add the information about the music chosen for it? Plus a hanger making it ready to hang.   

I hope you enjoyed this mixed media blog. I am already working on my next project and will be sure to post some pics of it soon. Now that I know Evelyn has received her birthday gift, I can share it with you.