"There's Music In The Air" Mixed Media Canvas Art...Makes me want to dance September 23 2015, 0 Comments

A set of two flat canvas boards covered in a variety of different mediums have "Let's Make Music" and "There's Music In the Air" as their messages. They are slotted to be mounted on some wood and finalized but I was so excited on how they came out, I had to share now.

 Here they are one at a time:


And here are some close-ups of both:


That's "crackle paste" and "pearl mica flake" above. When the crackle paste is applied with a palette knife, the thicker areas will have more prominent cracks when dried. You can also mix it with acrylic paint before applying and you can also paint over it after it dries. (So many options). I of course, left it white. The pearl mica flake is applied with a palette knife and is spread either thick or thin, depending on how you'd like your project to look.


Above is Modeling Creme with a stencil and more crackle paste.


The blue iridescent squares were stenciled on with a palette knife using Modeling Creme. They shimmer and metallically glow as you move around the painting.


The Modeling Creme is easy to apply through the stencil once you get the hang of it. It's something that comes with a lot of practice.  I found that applying the creme, one stroke at a time, without lifting the palette knife during the stroke was the easiest way not to lift the stencil up accidentally. When that happens the creme gets smudged.

But I will say this...all smudges are only adding more character to your project. Mixed Media is meant to be messy, by the way. Messy in the sense that "There are NO rules" and if something happens that you didn't plan or expect...accept it and turn it into something that blends in. Almost like you meant to do it. Besides, no one but you will see what you are thinking of as a mistake. I say, apply things off center, add in a piece of weird paper in, throw in a random color or Gesso over an area to start another layer if you aren't liking it's final results. See? No rules. Think outside the box.  


The black watercolor above the people originally was a flower when I painted it. I then managed to convince myself it's the hot sun blaring down on the Fiesta of people below.  If you look behind my sun, you'll see the notebook like paper. Weird, huh? (wink, wink...throwing in weird paper).


There were at least seven different papers used. Five different acrylic paints. The music sheets and drawings were from a music book that belonged to my grandmother and uses the song "There's Music In the Air". Both canvases were made at the same time to keep them uniform with each other but also have complete different looks to them. However, the similarities are so much that they must remain a set of two.

Future plans as mentioned before are to mount them onto panels of wood. It'll be cool. I just need the help from my dad or hubby with cutting some wood. When that's done, I'll be sure to post pics.