From Scraps to Art. Creating Mixed Media Boards. January 08 2016, 0 Comments

What happens when you have lots of leftover scrap papers? You upcycle them into something like this:

Each square measures 1.5" and is unique to what it contains and with what media it was made with. Some are covered with paint, some paper and some are simply drawn on. Details are made and a few embellishments are added, some made to overlap the squares thereby connecting them into one piece of art. 

This mixed media board was created using my new Faber-Castell Mixed Media & Collage kit I received as a Christmas gift from my parents. Guess they like to keep the creative inspiration going (both my parents and Faber-Castell -which has excellent products, btw). I liked how this board came out and am in the process of creating more. 

One kit goes a long way and if anything, it is the beginning of a creative art journey. Here are some more boards, none of which are completed yet but I'll give you a sneak peek anyways:

Yeah, me and the hubs at our last Bruins game. It was a successful photo transfer using ModPodge. I just have some last minute details to add including shading and shadowing, then it's going on an easel, on a shelf in our living room. The base is a piece of cardboard measuring approximately 5"x7" that I had on hand. Always thinking of upcycling. From there I added papers and layer upon layer of various mediums including that green stenciled modeling creme in the center.

So back to those paper scraps and turning them into art. Save them all. Strip scraps were used to weave into these three different papers above. The first one I did (located in the upper right corner) had 1/2" strips which I found easy to work with. The second weave used the same sized strips, I just did a larger sheet of weaving. And third is the black dragonfly paper weave. The strips were closer to 1/4" or smaller and the weave was much more intense than the first two. However, all were therapeutic for my hands and mind.  Notice how I went for a random pattern in the weave? I specifically did not want to have a perfect patchwork pattern. If so, I would have simply just alternated the weave of over, under, over, under. But instead, I randomly added areas where I went over or under two or three squares.

Below is a friendship board that is probably about halfway finished. They always look so differently from when they are finished compared to what they look like at this point. In a way I don't like to show my "work in progress" but it's almost like showing you two different pieces of art. When I'm done with this board, I'll post a pic to show you what I mean. 


Thanks for reading and looking at my scraps turned...or turning, into art.

Jennifer Quilty, Owner Tamm's Marketplace