Don't draw what you know, draw what you see - Art Journal Page January 20 2016, 0 Comments

I have decided to turn the Gelli Plate papers I've recently made into art journal pages. "Don't draw what you know, draw what you see" happened to come to mind that morning and I thought it was a good enough quote to remind me of something important...drawing what I see. 


I started out with my Gelli Plate print above and decided to take a black Recollections marker and outline the gears.


Little by little, I drew more lines in and started to create designs in the negative space. I didn't care if it made sense. It was what I was "seeing".


More lines are drawn until finally I ended up with a completely filled in page.


At first I wasn't sure if I was going to leave the white-washed column on the left side alone or draw around the faded gears. I did decide to fill them in after all. 


Since I wanted the writing to appear transparent, I used tissue paper and wrote my words in a simple fun font style. I later outlined each letter in black before ModPodging the tissue paper strip on. It made the letters stand out more. Tip: Write on something that collects the ink when it bleeds through the thin tissue paper material. Be careful not to go over the same area too much as it saturates the tissue paper and can rip easily. 


The edges were rubbed with Rangers blue distress ink before the tissue paper words were adhered. As you can see in the pic above, the paper behind my journal page is now striped with blue edged ink. I planned to stripe each one onto this page's background so that I can use it into a future drawing. I'm still learning on how not to waste anything. (Even the excess ink from edging my papers).


Here is the journal page without the lettering and after ink edging. It was exactly what I saw when I looked at that original print. 


A few orange flecks of paint ended up on my print from when I was using it with the Gelli Plate and drying out numerous papers and tissue papers at once, allowing them to touch. At first I was bummed I let orange paint touch this blue sheet but then I realized it looked good and I worked with it. Sometimes when things don't seem to be put together in a way that makes sense, it actually comes out better. 


Look at all that detail. Hours of drawing went into this, also hours of fun. I enjoy doodling and find it to be relaxing and therapeutic for my hands.  Bonus for me.

With the same black marker, I signed and dated my page. Before I punched holes in it for the ring binder type journal I plan to make, I took all these photos for this blog. One day, you'll see this again when I post the completed journal. For now, there's my journal page for 1-13-16.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Jennifer Quilty, owner Tamm's Marketplace