Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself - Art Journal Page January 20 2016, 0 Comments

"Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself" and "dream". Those were two phrases that popped into my head after I made the silhouette lady and put a pair of butterfly wings on her back. This journal page was a pleasure to make and was also a learning experience for me with a couple of techniques.

It started with me cutting my own stencil from a scrap piece of cardboard. I inked her edges on a piece of scrap paper should I want a reverse stencil of the image. (I'd just cut the inside edges of her silhouette on the scrap paper). 

The blue Gelli Plate print that I distressed inked her onto was designed with using lots of strips of yellow and orange painted tissue paper in a grid-like pattern. Some of the strips had orange flowers in their design. I used ModPodge to secure the strips down to the paper. Did you notice that orangish corrugated strip on the right side of the page? Can you guess what it is? If you were to say this wonderfully textured strip came out of an empty Christmas ribbon candy box, then you'd be correct. It was a leftover scrap I used when I was making my Gelli Plate prints. It makes really great lines when used in paint and pressed onto paper during the Gelli Plate printing process. So do the individual wrappers on candy, like a Reese's peanut butter cup (regular size or mini). Just press the side of the wrapper that didn't face in towards the candy in paint and press onto your print. It results in a fan like pattern of lines. 


At first I thought I was applying rub on lettering with this sheet but after rubbing for a few minutes and nothing was happening, I realized that it was simply a print on clear parchment-like paper. So, I cut it out of the sheet it was in and ModPodged it on. The edges blend into the squared-off look of the tissue paper strips.


As mentioned before, the butterfly wings were placed on her back. It just seemed to be what needed to be designed with the papers I was working with. I liked it a lot and this is what made me think of the transformation theme of this sheet.  In the pic above I see a bunch of different designs in the background. That is the wonder of Gelli Plate printing.


Here is a close up of one of the tissue paper's designed with orange flowers. They were stenciled on using tiny little flower cutouts. This image is so sharp it caught the inner circle of the flower. Such great detail.

To see the word "dream" traditionally, I have turned the page sideways. I love how the flow of this word stretches upwards on the page when holding it in the journal book upright. In a matching colored marker I signed and dated my page. Before I punched holes in it for the ring binder type journal I plan to make, I took all these photos for this blog. One day, you'll see this again when I post the completed journal. For now, there's my journal page for 1-14-16.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Jennifer Quilty, owner Tamm's Marketplace