I am Beautiful, Adorable and So Very Sweet- Art Journal Page January 20 2016, 0 Comments

"I am Beautiful, Adorable and So Very Sweet". For those of you that know me already know this about me. hahaha!

This art journal page was fun to make. It's also not the traditional size as the other journal pages I've blogged about so far. I do plan on having various sizes in my art journal, this just happens to be the first different sized page I'm showing.

It started with my background. Circles. One of my favorite things to put in my art. Why? I don't know..they are bubbly and make me happy. These circles were made with...the end of an empty paper towel roll and a straw. First they were dipped in metallic copper acrylic paint, then in black. I try to randomly spread the circles around the page. 

A gold single line edges the border and double lines in brown marker border the word patches. The "i am"  is made from rub on letters and I thought it looked great to keep them all lowercase.  These are some of the little things you think about when designing a journal page. Hopefully the page just flows though and not much thought actually needs to be put into it. 

The "Beautiful", "Adorable", "&" and "so very sweet" are cut out of a pad of 12x12 paper that a good friend of mine gave me as a gift. I loved the blue and gold color combination and was thrilled to use it so quickly.  

In a matching colored marker I signed and dated my page. Before I punched holes in it for the ring binder type journal I plan to make, I took all these photos for this blog. One day, you'll see this again when I post the completed journal. For now, there's my journal page for 1-12-16.

Thanks for reading my blog.

Jennifer Quilty, owner Tamm's Marketplace