Hearts with messages other than Love - Art Journal Page January 20 2016, 0 Comments

Some hearts say "I love you" while others say what these do on this lovely nine heart-filled art journal page. Like: "dreaming of a time", "a lifelong friendship", "it takes courage" and "on matters of principle". The hearts also have rectangular pics with their spanish representing words like "la luna" for the moon and "la pera" for the pear. 


How did these all end up together in the way that they did? It was because I was working with Faber-Castell's Mixed Media kit and this was one of their sample projects. The kit comes with certain papers and there were enough to make a couple different Mixed Media projects with this paper alone.

So I made two projects. One for my art journal above and the one below on a cardboard panel that eventually turns into a piece of art you stand on an easel and place on a shelf. Or put a hanger on the back and hang it. 

The cardboard panel came with the kit and I applied a thin layer of Gesso to the surface to create a surface I could paint on and not worry about my mediums soaking into the cardboard. I painted a coating of light blue acrylic paint, then a thin watery layer of Gesso. While the Gesso was still drying, I sprinkled table salt over it. I knew that the salt drew in watercolor paints, so I figured it would do the same to the watery Gesso. It did. It gave it the same kind of look as I get from watercolor paints when I do this technique. The close up below captures the crystal look. Make sure to wipe off all the salt if you decide to try this. I did over the trash barrel and it came off easily and without a mess.

As you can see, both projects have different backgrounds. The art journal page was made starting out with one of my Gelli Plate prints and the cardboard panel has a crystalized blue and white background. Hearts, Spanish pictures and lower-cased phrases are all arranged. But in different ways.

The cardboard panel shown below after everything was ModPodged on, has completely different sayings from the journal page like: "time to treasure", "wish for it", "of all things" and "a long voyage". The 18 hearts use the same paper but are not placed in the same spots. Same with the rectangular Spanish pictures. You'll see they are arranged differently and with intent. Although the two projects were made from the same papers and using the same format/layout, they are not the same.

As you can see in the very first picture of this blog, I signed and dated my journal page. Before I punched holes in it for the ring binder type journal I plan to make, I took all these photos for this blog. One day, you'll see this again when I post the completed journal. For now, there's my journal page for 1-17-16 and I hope you enjoyed the bonus showing of my cardboard panel. Why not make two of something instead of one?

Thanks for reading my blog.

Jennifer Quilty, owner Tamm's Marketplace