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Watercolor Glue Art...And a bunch of talent from Danforth Bay, NH July 08 2016, 0 Comments

This "Watercolor Glue Art" is a purple rose I painted on an 8" x 10" canvas using watercolor paints like the ones pictured below...and glue. Yes, glue.  As in white Elmer's glue. 

It was kind of easy and definitely a lot of fun to make. I thought there were several important things to mention when making one of these Glue Art projects. Like applying darker shades of paint for an appearance of being 3-dimensional. Without various shades, an image will look dull and flat. Notice in the petals there are darker hues closer to the center of the flower that randomly go outward and up the petal. Whereas the outer edge of the petals have lighter shades of purple.

To make one of your own, first take a blank canvas and draw an image with any white glue. I chose white because I wanted the image to be outlined in white. Choosing clear would have made it come out a bit differently. Of course, now with all of the glitter glues and different colors to pick from, you could get creative and use any color of glue you want.

The glue must dry before you try to watercolor in between. Either dry it overnight like I did, or if you don't have the time, simply dry it with a heating tool. Be very careful not to force the glue into a flat position or move it when using the heat gun. Patience! 

The background was painted in greens and browns, to make it look as if it was the leafy part of a rose.  Paint all the sections until completed. I even included the sides of the canvas so it can be viewed from all angles. Make sure not to paint on the white dried glue or it will stay the color of your paint. If quick enough, you can just carefully wipe it clean with a Q-tip or small rag. The idea is to paint in between all the glue lines.

What inspired me to make this particular painting were two things. First, the knowledge I have on the late artist Blanche Lazzell. I've been a fan of her art since I saw her work in a Provincetown gallery on Cape Cod years ago. One of my all time favorite artists' communities to visit with family and friends to do some shopping, eating and culturing.  Her art is incredible and has a white-line characteristic. Google her, you'll see. 

Secondly, my mother Marj Kiley recently taught an instructional Watercolor Glue Art class this summer with some of her friends in Danforth Bay, NH. They used this painting and one she made as a sample of inspiration.  Here are a few of their candids from the fun-filled class. Look at all the talent! (Everyone did something different).

Fortunately in the above pic, the angel taken has lit up a section of the painting's glue lines and you can see the dimension really well.

I only wish I was there to see them all in person and to enjoy in some of the fun in creating. Their works of art are something they should all be proud of. They truly came out great!

Good luck to all that try this wonderful form of art.

Thanks and enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace on 7/8/16 originally and updated on 8/28/16.