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Love You To The Moon And Back...Twice! Mixed Media Baby Boy Wall Art December 07 2015, 0 Comments

"Love You To The Moon And Back"...Twice! 

When I found out my cousin was having a little boy, I was truly happy for her and her husband. I also began to immediately think of what I could make for a baby boy's room in Mixed Media for her baby shower gift.  Then I found out, her sister (my other cousin)...is also expecting her first with her hubby and...it's a boy! How awesome and that is the reason you're seeing double.

Instead of making two identical paintings, I went with a mirror image of each other and kept many same qualities like the hand drawn sleeping moon, train, plane and saying. I also kept enough different to make them each unique. 

"Love you to the Moon and back" is such a great phrase to use. I have to thank my sister Jill for this one. She recommended it to me when I was bouncing ideas off of her during a phone conversation. It's what inspired me to draw the moons in the first place. The scene is a train traveling with its landscape of trees and paper mountains in the background with plane and stars above in the sky. 

Did you happen to notice the shimmering blue iridescent stars in the sky? I get this effect by using turquoise iridescent creative medium by CM (www.imaginecrafts.com) with Memory Box "Stars All Stars" designer stencil style #88536 (www.memoryboxco.com). It dries fairly quickly and shimmers depending upon where the light is hitting it.


Both moons were drawn with pencil on paper, then Micron Black marker and shaded in with watercolor pencils and water. As you see the close up pics coming up, you'll see that the same papers were used in the background, just placed to show more blues vs. more reds. Each strip of paper is ripped with a forward or a backward motion, depending on whether I wanted the white of the ripped paper showing or not.  I toned the vibrant paper colors down with Gesso watered down after I stuck each strip on with Mod Podge. Watering down Gesso gives a "white-wash" look.  The same rubber stamps were also used, just randomly scattered. 

The train was sprayed with brown alcohol inks and then outlined in black marker. The planes were outlined and Gesso applied over their patterns. One had circles and the other had stripes.

The edges of the entire canvas board was distressed with black ink and can be seen in many of the photos. It's a way to tie in the whole picture and make a border around it. Very similar to the brown inks used on the planes.

The stars were inked with brown alcohol inks and distressed with yellow on the edges. Black Micron pen lines are on the five corners of each tip. Sometimes outlining can be a hint or suggestion of the line and not be filled in completely. As for those prominent black trees you saw earlier and the black stars and border strips like above, I got those from my mom who generously gives me her scrap papers from some of her projects. I applied them with Mod Podge.  

And finally, the phrase was written with a black Calligraphy marker. A double lined font was the thought behind my own unique handwriting. 

I have since given both cousins their gifts. I think they loved them to the moon and back!

Here's their gift wrapped baby shower gifts in swirly blue paper and handmade notes: 


Here's a close up of the Stampin' Up rubber stamps I embossed with and spot colored in green marker

Thanks for reading and as always, let us know if you have any questions or comments. We'd love to hear from you.