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Where's the rest of the "up-cycled" deck of Playing Cards?...It's actually here. September 19 2015, 0 Comments

Welcome to the second half of the deck of "up-cycled" Playing Cards. Here are the remaining 28 cards that come from the deck I blogged about last, titled "24 Playing Cards turned into art...what a great way to "up-cycle" your husband's poker cards". They were created using various mediums like acrylic paints, watercolor pencils, rubber stamps, embossing powders, glue, glitter, Gesso and markers. Phew! right? I know it seems like a lot of "stuff" goes into these little canvas' of art but you'd be surprised how much of this stuff you probably already have in your house to create your own. I started doing these Playing Cards as I was researching mixed media techniques. I used them to practice applying Gesso and modeling pastes, gels and creams. I'd already had stamping and embossing down to a science, plus I'm pretty confident with my paint brushes, markers and watercolor pencils to add on more layers. 

The results, many different looking cards, including Halloween themed ones. Some cards have similarities due to using the same rubber stamp. This was a great opportunity to show you the different variations you can come up with if given the same supplies to use over and over.  If you don't have any rubber stamps, try using paper to add layers like I did in the sunshine themed pics below. Decorate your paper with any pencils, pens, markers or paints you may have, then glue or decoupage it on. When you put it all together, you'd be surprised what you can create. Remember there are no limits to creating in Mixed Media art. 


24 Playing cards turned into art...what a great way to "up-cycle" your husband's poker cards September 19 2015, 0 Comments

Each one of the 24 pictures below is a playing card that has been "up-cycled" into art. No two are alike and they all have a future plan (which will be shared in a future post). But for now...they are beautiful to look at "as is". I decided to do this project when I was researching Mixed Media techniques. I found that not only could I create as few or as many of them as I wanted to, I could use up my scrap pieces of paper and left over paint on my palette. Learning to use up everything so that nothing is wasted is a challenge and one that this project screams for.  I think I'm hooked on making "Playing Card Art". Mostly because the colors and the ideas that end up on the cards are so unbelievably unlimited...that it's just really so much fun to make. 

Oh, and as for the title of this blog and referring specifically to up-cycling the hubby's poker cards, of course we would never do a thing like that, now would we???


If you wondered what it was that made all of these happen, it's just sitting down with all the different art mediums you own and creating whatever comes to mind. I wanted to use acrylic paints, watercolors, stamps, embossing powders, jewels/gems, markers, pens, papers, Gesso and Mod Podge. Here's the biggest tip if you decide that you want to try this on your own (which I highly recommend)...use Gesso on the surface applied with a palette knife to both sides of the card. It'll give you the "grip" you need before you apply your first layer of medium...whatever it be. Take your time, layering layer after layer of various art mediums on top of one another and enjoy creating something new.