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Not only Adele can send a message of "Hello"...I can too in this Postal Mixed Media Canvas December 22 2015, 0 Comments

This holiday season I made this postal themed 8"x10" Mixed Media canvas as a gift to my Letter Carrier. I wanted to say "Thank you for all the hard work" and of course to wish her "A very Merry Christmas".  As I've been describing my techniques in prior Mixed Media Blogs, I continued on with the same types of layering with paints, papers, modeling cremes, rubber stamps and some of my personal postal stamp collection. Five stamps from different locations were used in this project. Below you can see them all. 


Copper Modeling Creme was used to make the mailbox post. I thought this stencil looked like a metal decorative post.  

Green Modeling Creme shimmers in the light on the raised leaves and swirl.  Having a good leaf stencil is worth the investment. Or simply make your own if you can. I tend to use a couple of the same leaf stencils over and over and that is why I recommend getting one.

I embossed the writing hand with black embossing powder, a VersaMark ink stamp and a heat gun. The above picture captures it's raised effect.  Sometimes going off the edge of a thicker paper (or in between two separate sheets of paper) can cause a gap in your rubber stamp's image. I just purchased the VersaMark pen and used it to mark the spots I missed because of the uneven surfaces.  It allows you to watermark ink where you want by applying the VersaMark ink through the pen tip.  

And lastly the "Smile" flag. What better wording to put on the upward facing flag of a mailbox? It's one of the few words written for the paintings messages. See how many things you can see in the whole picture. There are a variety of rubber stamps used in the background. Notice that the background has a wooden look to it? Maybe as if the mailbox is up against a fence?  Look closer and you'll see an embossed shiny Chevron design throughout the entire background. 

So, not only Adele can send a message of "Hello"...I can too. You just don't want ME to sing it. Trust me, it would only be off key. 

Enjoy your day!