Mixed Media

By the sea...an ocean themed mixed media 8"x 10" canvas with seahorses and starfish August 15 2015, 0 Comments

 "Atop the mighty waves they danced, to the rhythms of the moon, in harmony with the song of the sea, they played in perfect tune". Those were the words that I chose to use on this ocean themed mixed media 8" x 10" canvas. They come from a really cool poem written by Wayne Marshall titled "Today The Dolphins Came To Play".  

As much as I love dolphins, I decided to use seahorses instead for this project. Some fish, sea flowers and seaweed/kelp were added in, colored, painted, lined and glittered-up.  An orange starfish is added to compliment the orange hues in the fish and some sea flowers. It all started coming together as I worked on it yesterday afternoon in the quiet of my studio (ahem, kitchen) and when I had finished it...I wanted to go to the ocean. Maybe it was the "by the sea" written in the middle of it all.  

I'm calling this "Mixed Media" because I've used so many various forms of mediums to create this piece. It has acrylic paints, watercolors, pen and ink, rubber stamps, embossing powders, glitter, modeling paste, glass bead gel, pearl mica flake, markers, paper and paper towels. Sometimes I get a kick out of what I can upcycle into my art. 

Here are some close-up pics to try and show you more of the details: 



Leave a comment if you'd like or ask a question if you have one. (We love both!!!) This mixed media art is something I think most people can do and I'm finding a lot of people that WANT to do it. The hardest part of this art is having the "stuff" and various mediums to put into it. Your creativity is unlimited and WILL create something when you want it to. 

Have a great day. I'm off to start another art project. Would prefer to go to the beach but since that's not happening, I'll settle on doing one of my favorite things in the world...making art.