Throw some postage stamps into your Mixed Media art October 30 2016, 1 Comment

A Mixed Media "Thank you" card and Halloween "Trick or Treat" card were both made to include postage stamps. If you have followed my blog, you know how much I love to repurpose and upcycle things into my art, especially postage stamps. The USA $0.07 stamp above the blue owl was chosen for the hot air balloon and of course the black cat and bird Tanzania stamps were picked for their Halloweenish look.

The thank you card went to a friend of my parents and soon to be a new crafting buddy for me and my mom. Collette, thank you again for some of your late brother Peter's stamps. I can't tell you enough how appreciative I am that you are letting me put some of it into my artwork. 

The trick or treat card went to good friends Joe and Ellen, who know the story behind these stamps and where they came from. It was perfect timing to wish them a Happy Halloween with this card.  

I thought the cards placed in front of the postage stamp pile made for a neat photo. Just by looking at the stamps in that pile, I see so many future art projects. Each stamp has it's own little story and history. It's like a mini book exploded and you're left looking at all the pages. Stories of birds, animals, sea life, important people throughout history like this great stamp I found of Winston Churchill:


And these cool Tanzanian bats that my little sister Jill is going to get. (She's a lover of all things "bat"). 

Finding the right ones to use can be challenging but with a creative mind and a selection like this, I'm not finding it difficult. 

If you're curious about the black outline stickers I used for the cards, they are Krazy Kreations designs. Can you see the difference between the two set of owls in the pictures below? The picture on the right are the owls from the original sticker sheet. The ones on the left side are the negative of the owls that is left behind on the sticker sheet after you peel off the original sticker. Using small scissors I carefully cut around each owl and utilize my transfer paper to peel the negative off and "transfer" it onto my project. I learned this technique directly from Kara, Krazy Kreations owner and designer during one of her Marlborough Scrapbook Expo classes. 


You know I love to use EVERYTHING I can, without creating waste. The blue paper used for the negative owls are from small scrap papers leftover from another project. The green and blue owls were colored in with Tim Holtz's distress markers after I stuck them onto Krazy Kreations glitter paper. The witches boots with striped socks were made the same way except I used Spectrum Noir alcohol ink pens to color them in.

Making these cards were a blast...or maybe I should say "they were a hoot". Wishing you a Happy Halloween 2016. May you have more treats than tricks.

Thank you for reading my blog. Enjoy your day.


Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace on 10/30/16.