The Gift of Art April 07 2016, 1 Comment

What happens when you get a gift wrapped like this one?

I'd say that no matter what was inside, I'd hold onto it wrapped up for a bit longer...just to enjoy its beauty.  But I know you'd like to know what's in it, so I'll share.  

Surprise! There were two things in it. Did you even think that blue flower was something to unwrap? Clever, right!?! The lighthouse door hanger, handpainted by my talented father, is the main reason this gift set even existed. He wanted to send his friend something that he made and specifically geared to her likings.  

So as we talked about what he planned to send her, I told him about my newest project that I'm working on that repurposes playing cards into art. As a bonus, the card has jewelry affixed to it. I call them "JERDZ".  Short for "JEwelry on caRDs". 

This particular one has two pale blue star earrings. 


Both sides of the playing card are decorated differently. The front has a lighthouse with shining star and the backside, a hand painted turtle in watercolors. It happened to compliment his handmade gift so much that he wanted to include it.

The ending result is the gift of art, wrapped up in a package that is art itself.


Sometimes a unique friend is worth a unique kind of gift.


Written by Jennifer Quilty on 4/7/16 for Tamm's Marketplace