Welcome to our two new artists Jules Kiley and Cassie Star April 03 2014, 0 Comments

So the nice weather sorta, kinda is upon us. Well, I put flip-flops on my feet for the second time this year…that’s got to count for something, right? But I’m still not up for spring cleaning yet. I have been pretty motivated with adding our newest artists information onto the webpage though.

The best way to check out each artist is either in the About Me section or the “Meet the Artists” blog. Should you want to contact a particular artist individually, their email is at the bottom of their bio and will go directly to them. This is great for any special orders or requests.

It’s exciting to see their beautiful pieces of art and then to capture it in a nice photo. Each artist writes their own item descriptions and hand selects the rest of the “stuff” they want you to know or see, like which pics. My sister Jules brought her awesome card collection and my great friend Cassie Star added her hair accessories. Jules is going to be adding decorated frames and Cassie is adding some of her glass work. Me, I continue to make eggs that are spring/summer themed and I just framed and matted some watercolor paintings that I did recently.