Happy One Year Anniversary to us!!! And a wish of luck to you on this St. Patrick's Day! March 17 2015, 0 Comments

A year ago we launched Tamm's Marketplace to the world via our webpage. I remember it clearly as celebrating it with St. Patty's Day. Why not? It's a festive kinda day anyways. It happens to also be one of my pups' birthdays too. A good day all around. Most people are in good moods on St. Patrick's Day and good vibes were flowing our way one year ago. They are still coming strong as we continually add more to everything we do.  More stuff, more artists, more blogs. More, more, more. Did I mention that I have a lot MORE to add to the website? 

I'm not kidding. A lot more to add. Soon you'll see the many exciting things we are going to be selling, making and just plain showing off. Remember that phrase "have fun at what you do"...well, it's a great way to strive to be. 

A year ago. One whole year. Happy Anniversary to us!!!