Top 10 Easter and Spring Picks of 2015 March 31 2015, 0 Comments

Whether you celebrate the Easter Holiday or not, it's rapidly approaching for those that do.  Plus now that we are almost in's spring time!!! So it seemed appropriate to help out and make suggestions for the Top 10 Tamm's Easter and Spring Picks of 2015 (with photos you can click on to open a new window to view in the CATALOG).  

1.  Purple Flowers Bouquet on 8" Ceramic Tile


 2. Happy Easter Bunny Card


3. Candle Holder with Flower Spring


 4. Pysanky Egg with Pink Flowers


 5. Upcycled Domino Necklace with Flowers and Jewels


 6. Set of Butterfly Note Cards


 7. Glass Hand Painted Pink Rose Pin


 8. Orange Flowered Barrett - Hair Accessory


 9. Original Watercolor Painting - Framed in choice of Black or White


 10. Pysanky Egg - Baby Chick

 Hope you enjoyed the items that reminded me most of Easter and spring time.  Did you see something in the online gift shop you think should have made the Top 10 and want to make a recommendation? Comment on this post. We'd love to hear your thoughts.