Mixed Media and It's Magical Ways May 26 2015, 0 Comments

If you haven't seen this "Mixed Media" kind of art, then let me tell you...it's whatever you make of it...plus it's something almost everyone can do. Put it on a canvas, put it on cardboard, put it on wood or even use paper.  Make it with acrylic paints, alcohol inks, scrapbook papers and stamps. Think of a theme, make an abstract or form it all into something that ties together, somehow. No rules and no boundaries on your creativity doing this kind of art that mixes media.  


When your art supply collection grows to the size of mine, there is no better way to use all that art stuff by putting it together in an art creation. That's the magic of it.  Hello Mixed Media!  It's a way for me to use all of my art supplies and up-cycle things like frames and canvases. You just have to look around to see what YOU have to use.  Dig deep.  Grab the Crayons that you know you have somewhere in the house. Also look for markers, pens, color pencils, paints, stickers and glitter.  I've even seen artists sew patterns onto their canvas with their sewing machine. Or how about gluing on some puzzle pieces. No limits!

Any stamping can be embossed with a heating tool for a raised effect.  Then there is the super raised effect you can get from so many different products at the craft stores.  Here's some close-ups of modeling paste used with stencils and then embossing powder.


You can tell with the yellow flower the before and after embossing effect. Oh, did you notice the white paper doily?  Yeah, I had it on hand. Or how about coffee filters cut into snowflake-like patterns, if you need an idea. You'll be surprised what you'll find to make your mixed media art with. But whatever it is, just make something.  

I really enjoyed making these few pictures and plan to continue making more. I'll even post more pics to this blog as I complete them. There are actually a few more up my sleeve but since I'm connected on Social Media with the people receiving them as gifts, I have to wait to give them before I share them with the world. 


 UPDATE 6/23/15: I shared the gifts with my family and friends and of course continue to work on more projects.  Here's a couple photos of the graduation gift to my niece that offers the advice of "Create Your Own Sunshine"  and a welcoming Baby Boy shower gift for a friend. "Snakes & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails, That's What Little Boys are Made of". 


And here's a pic of a couple of black and white daisies that were gold glitter dusted after being stenciled and embossed.  I used modeling gels to make these and up-cycled the two 2"x2" wooden hanging plaques. I plan to write a blog on modeling paste, gels and cremes in the future.    

Modeling cremes with stencils created all of the rest in the pics below. Dragonflies, flowers and butterflies on spare paper and boxes. I'm still learning the difference between them all and what they can and can't be put on. It's like frosting a cake and when the stencil is removed, they leave a 3D effect.  I plan to utilize all the stencils I've ever owned and play, play, play. 


For my grandmother's 91st birthday I made her card by mixing media. Nothing says it better than homemade, especially to your 91 year old grandmother.  I used a mixture of alcohol ink sprays for the background, a rubber stamped fish ebossed in a shiny maroon, orange, green and blue colored pencils and alcohol ink markers, blue water colored paper with dots of a blue metallic Sharpie pen and some jewels glued on to look like bubbles. A piece of foam double sided tape was used to give that blue square with the one fish in it a raised look. 

Then I threw in some hugs on the inside of the card after crackle stamping it. I'm clever, I know. ;)

Oh, I almost forgot to show the handmade card that I gave to my niece for her graduation. I love ladybugs and thought this one was too cute not to randomly stamp it everywhere. The "Celebrate" was a shiny black embossing powder and the raised black square has one white embossed ladybug stamp. For the extra touch I stuck on some pink jewels.

UPDATE: 6/30/15 I am sharing a pic of a gift that I made for a friend's Bridal Shower this past weekend. The theme in my head was "love" so I simply stated it on this mixed media canvas...

Some close-ups of sections of the painting: