Enjoy Life...By the Sea, By the Beautiful Sea. A fond remembrance to Wayne Burgess, Sr. and a reminder to us all. November 26 2015, 0 Comments

"By the sea, by the beautiful sea!" and "Enjoy life"...how simply said. Put them together and that is what I thought of when one of my best friends, Bill Burgess, told me he unexpectedly lost his dad.  You see, I didn't just want to make one of my handmade sympathy cards for him, I wanted to give him something he could look at everyday and be reminded of his dad. 

I personally never knew his father. But reading the obituary I found out he was in the Navy. Knowing my friend Bill is a lover of the ocean...and his dad being in the Navy MUST have loved it too, I started to think of how to express what I was thinking on canvas with the ocean as my main theme.  The wooden plank boardwalk is from strips of papers ripped and placed to look like it leads you to the sandy beach oceanside. I added a few of my favorite rubber stamps, embossed a couple of things, added more papers to make it look as though the dunes were blocking some of the view...and look straight ahead and you'll see a 3-dimensional green turtle swimming around in the glittery water. Now for the anchor.  The Navy...makes me think of anchors. I lucked out and had one in my sticker collection. It was supposed to be ONE of the symbolic reminders in the painting for Bill to tribute to his dad. It ended up being a whole lot more.

When a gift is made for someone that you know so well, you can tend to hit the "nail on the head" and get a few things right in it. Well, fortunately, by luck, I made it a whole lot more personal than I ever could have imagined. Phew! When Bill saw it for the first time, he told me that he loved it...and then proceeded to tell me a story of his great memories at the beach with his dad and that vacationing every year at Point Judith in Rhode Island were dear to his heart. This gift reminded him of that.  


So with a fond remembrance to Wayne Burgess, Sr., let's all take the time to be reminded of enjoying life.