A Mixed Media card of encouragement, motivation and believing in yourself December 05 2016, 2 Comments

She may not need it but I made this card for someone special to me after she achieved a personal goal and made a commitment to herself. It was something that I felt proud of her for doing and something that I wanted to let her know I stood behind her on, believing in her.

Pretty much winking and yelling "You Rock!". 

It really doesn't matter what accomplishment it is that I'm strongly supporting here, what does is the message of encouragement. I think we, as humans, all need it from time to time. I can say that I personally like to hear it. I also like to give it too. I saw a moment for it and I decided to design this card with positivity.

Words and phrases like "do it!", "believe", "motivate", "you" and "stay strong!" were chosen and arranged with selected papers from a complementary color palette. A corkboard Chevron pattern Washi tape runs up the height of the card adding texture. The arrows are facing upwards representing positive upward moving times ahead. It also seemed like a perfect focal point to turn into a pole for the green, blue and yellow triangular flags. 

To get that sewn thread look on the flags I used a Recollections 0.1 fine black marker and lined the edges with small dashes.


In case you ever use one of these types of pins in your artwork, especially on a card, stick it into a foam pop-dot if possible. Below you can see an upside down picture of the metal pin going into the pop-dot of the "Believe" banner. 

So if you ever see the opportunity to offer words of encouragement, whether you decide to make the person a card like I did or to say it in person...no matter how it's done, I highly recommend doing so. It will not only make them feel good, it probably will make you feel good too.

Thank you for reading my blog. Enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace on 12/5/16.