A Mixed Media card to say "Thank You" for all the Cactus and Succulent Plants November 07 2016, 1 Comment

This homemade Mixed Media card was made for and given to a very thoughtful man named Jim, to say "Thank you" for all the cactus and succulent plants he recently gave to me. I appreciate them and felt the card should reflect their beauty.

It was the perfect opportunity to use my new die cut. I cut them out using a Spellbinders machine on white cardstock and decided to watercolor them to the colors I needed. They placed perfectly on this background of a sunset with beautiful arches on an outdoor mosaic tiled patio. 

I also went through my postage stamp collection to find the perfect "coryphanta vivipara" stamp with a beautiful and colorful flower. Before sticking it on I researched it to make sure it wasn't latin for something besides the actual plant. Come to find out this cactus is native to North America and grows from Canada to Mexico in the western part of the United States. The circular outline that looks like a stamps edge was made using another new die cut with my Cuttlebug machine. I like to place these a bit offset from the original stamp to give it more character and of course more texture and layering.

The white swirls in the background are stickers and the two stripes of red and green are Washi tape. To get this effect I taped the green tape onto the bottom of my cardstock thank you label, cut the shaped edges, then lined it up over the red tape to stick in on for good.  I'm pleased with the way the card came out. I'm also pleased with how the plants are doing.

They are placed in my largest window of my house (what I like to call my studio K - for the art area that I work in at the end of my open spaced Kitchen).

Here's more shots of them hanging out with my other cactus plants I've acquired over the years. They are an addictive and relaxing therapy, as I'm sure anyone who collects these beautiful plants would agree.

They are starting to flower and they all look so healthy.

And this guy is about 10" tall. I'm not sure what to call each one and look forward to learning anything that Jim can tell me about them. Thanks again Jim. Hope you liked your card because I sure liked my gift!

Thanks for reading my blog. Enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace on 11/7/16.