Cards that are perfect for occasions of love January 22 2017, 1 Comment

Happy "Heart" Day. I suppose a love-struck individual could argue that this is a daily event in any couple's life and the card I'm showing you above can be given on any day of the year. It also could be reserved for the much celebrated Valentine's Day, perhaps an anniversary or maybe even a wedding. Either way, I made this card and all of the ones you see below in honor of LOVE.  I hope you enjoy looking at this collection as much as I enjoyed making it.

At the time of posting this blog, ALL of these cards are available for sale for only $6 each and I'd be honored by my family, friends and customers if they decided to purchase their handmade cards from me.  Just tell me which one(s) you want.

For this photo shoot I arranged the cards on white panels to take group photos of them. 

They all looked so pretty and had so many different messages of love and happiness. Some have butterflies, flowers, hearts, bicycles, keys, lace prints, peacocks, cats, feathers and diamonds, most have multiple layers of decorated papers and others have 3-dimensional embellishments.

There really are a lot of cards themed by love and more are being made everyday by our artists. Don't forget, we can personalize things and create special order requests to make something specific to your needs.  Here are the close up shots to show you better pics of the "goods".

Above, this card reads "You are the flower in my basket". Below in the inside it reads, "Some people make the world more special just by being in it. I am thankful to have you".

I absolutely love this and think..."Who wouldn't want to receive something like THIS?" Messages like this are part of the inspiration I have when making any card. Most people honestly LOVE to receive things like this in their mailbox. In an era of fast-past, instant technology, a snail-mail card might make a smile last longer than the quick email or text. 

I'd say less than half of these have their insides decorated. I never know which is preferred...having a blank note card vs. one that says something. 

This yellow embossed "hello" card's inside has "Light of my life". I can almost think that an electrician would appreciate something like this.

(Didn't I tell you there were a lot of cards?) Here's the rest of what is in this collection. If you want to know how I made any of them, just ask. I'm always happy to share in the art of creating. 

So I say love is in the air. How could it not be, when surrounded by so many beautiful reminders? 

I'm sure with Valentine's Day only 3 weeks away, these will be gone soon. Thank you for reading my blog. Enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace on 1/22/17.