December 5th contribution to all things made festive this month...and a couple of giraffes in love. December 05 2016, 0 Comments

This little stamped birdie is perched on top of the flowy Merry Christmas and is part of my December 5th contribution to making festive things this month. The card came out cute and can be created in so many different ways, with your own papers, your own bird and Merry Christmas rubber stamps and your own border sticker embellishments like the sparkly red flowered one I used. The basic design is there. 

I started with a 5.5" x 4.25" ivory card that was edged in Tim Holtz Distress ink. The white paper with blue, purple and teal snowflakes makes up the next layer. It's stuck on with TomBow stamp runner tape along all four edges. The final paper layer is a thick dark grey cardstock, also edged in distress ink. The corner piece is a silver embossed gear image that is just cut to fit the upper left corner of the grey paper. The red flower sticker runs from edge to edge and runs along the seam where the shiny gear paper meets the dark grey. 

I thought of embellishing those poinsettia flowers but opted to use white three dimensional paint to dot the grey paper, making it appear like snow falling.

Overall, it's simple. But it is an amazing card to see in person. Someone is getting this on my list.


Depending on how I hold the card, the silver gear embossed paper really shines. Metallic paper adds so much to Mixed Media projects. I even used it in a recent giraffe Mixed Media canvas I did, only the silver metallic paper was embossed with a flower pattern and then darkened with black StazOn ink.

The lower right corner has a little strip that really looks like a bent piece of metal is holding the corner of that edge in place. But it's only paper. Metallic paper.


The close up pics really show how dark the black ink colored the raised surfaced flowers. 

I know that last part about the giraffe canvas had nothing to do with festive-ness but you have to admit, it was a cute one. I made three of those giraffe paintings, here's the other two and I'll plan to blog about them very soon.

Here's what they look like during their photo shoot on my shelves:


Aww, that last one is me and my sibs when my brother got married. Look at all that sisterly love he's getting.

That's it for today's blog. Thanks for reading it. Enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace on 12/5/16.