Flower filled stepping stone for my dad's 70th birthday! August 30 2016, 0 Comments

My dad celebrated his 70th birthday earlier in August and I wanted to give him something that he could not only use but something he appreciated looking at. So I thought of a stepping stone for one of his many flower gardens or in his orchard under a fruit tree.  Wherever he places it, I'm happy knowing my art is there for him to enjoy.

I gathered my supplies including the glass and ceramic tile pieces. 


And I started to place them onto my concrete paver block. As I formed the flowers, I glued them down in place . Then once I thought it was filled enough, I started to fill in the small green ceramic tiles as the whole images background. 


I realized that I couldn't be completely lined up straight with the square green tiles if I wanted them to come in tighter to the flowers' edges. I chose not to cut any of the tiles and decided to fit them into where I could as tightly as possible. 


Black grout fills the cracks and completely covers the block. Notice how it transforms from this solid black mess to a beautiful flowered tiled stepping stone. But it does take a little work to get there. The process is shown below with wetting, wiping and lightly scraping the grout off places that it doesn't belong on. 


The flowers slowly start to emerge and soon your image appears.

"The Kileys" was personalized from glass alphabet tiles and is shown clear from all its excess grout. Below you see three pictures that unveil the rest of my father's 70th birthday gift. 


He thoroughly enjoyed it and thanked me like a proud dad would. Although it's not in its permanent spot (still to be determined) it's proudly displayed on his front steps for all to see.

Thanks and enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace on 8/30/16