Flower Stepping Stones made from Glass Tile Pieces and Upcycled Patio Bricks August 10 2016, 0 Comments

I had a couple of concrete bricks that were leftover from a patio project and I decided to upcycle them into glass tiled flower stepping stones for my yard. I placed them in a spot standing upright that I like very much and they'll stay there for a while but I have the option to use them as stepping stones too. 


I started this fun and simple project by gathering my supplies. I needed glass tile pieces, grout, a scraping tool, water, sponge and a rag.


After separating the glass tile pieces I wanted to use, I placed them onto the concrete bricks for placement. The little broken pieces were starting to form into flowers and my design was becoming complete.

A strong glue is needed to adhere the glass tile to the brick's surface. I use E6000 and select the tube that has a pointed tip for easier application. This comes in handy especially when using it on the backs of the smaller pieces. I find there is more control on where the glue is being applied by using any tipped glue.


After gluing them into place, let dry for at least 4 hours. It's going to need to set and when you apply grout, you wouldn't want to risk the tiles moving. 


As you can see by the three pics above, the black grout is applied thickly over all the cracks and is left on the glass tile surface to dry. This will however be wiped away with water, a sponge and a rag in a slow unveiling process. The next several photos show its progress.



It's a slow process but as you remove the excess grout, the image you created starts to emerge. It gives you the drive to keep wiping more off until you're done.

A scraping tool is needed not only to apply the grout but to also remove it from the glass tile fronts in the thicker applied sections.

If you hadn't been able to tell yet by the background pics, I chose to do this outside in an area that I didn't mind the grout scrapings to fall onto. 





And below you'll see the spot I have them standing upright in. Next to my portulaca and sedum flowers. The cool thing is, I can move them if I choose to. Maybe even decide to give one as a gift. I do know that I had a ton of fun making these and found it to be very relaxing and theraputic for my mind and hands. 

Plus, I think they are beautiful and when I see them, they make me happy. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. There are quite a few other articles I've written on many different art means, including explaining how I did it in most. A comment section has been added for you to post your input on things too. Just visit the blog section on our website to explore more.

Thanks and enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace on 8/10/16.