Happy Fall 2016 - A collection of Gift Tags of Sweet & Scary (Lots of designs to look at) October 09 2016, 0 Comments

As I write this, I'm reminded of the chilled New England weather announcing Fall is upon us and that Halloween is just around the corner. I've been busy making Halloween gift tags for when I give a piece of candy to a special person in my life. I'm able to present it in the form of a real cute (or scary) gift.

A little fox told me you're sweet and a little bunny did the same. Add a fabric flower for even more 3 dimension. 

Basically I tie the gift tag ribbon around the candy. M&M's or any soft bagged candy will work great because they can be cinched in their middles and the tag has something to hold on to. Use smaller sized tags for smaller sized candies.

Above is a snapshot of a group of 3" x 2" sized tags made with a punch and below are some 6" x 3" tags measured and cut by hand. In this blog there are mostly these two sized tags. Ribbons for most haven't been added yet in these photos but soon will be with matching Halloween themed designs.

Skulls. Vampires. Ravens. Bats. Witches hats. Potions in bottles and boiled in pots...what part of any of THAT doesn't sound scary?  

"Something wicked this way comes". What a great phrase. Add a broom stick to the To/From label. It snazzed it up.


And simply stated, on an all black tag with black bow, "Black is my happy color" and "I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color". 


Sometimes decorating the backside is just as much fun and it allows for the person using the tag to write their own message.


Happy Hauntings!

Add a different color ink to make a different looking tag.

Then add some 3D red fabric paint and make it look like this welcoming vampire has already been up to no good as he greets you at the door. Also try embossing your image to make it pop off the paper, like this skull with heart shaped eye patch.


Some are for sale in our online giftshop and some can be special ordered and recreated upon request.  Or you may want to think about making your own. Maybe these designs will inspire you.

Let's get back to some cute and sweet tags. A nice large strong tag is perfect to use when your design won't fit on a smaller one.  And remember, most paper comes in 6" or 12" measurements, so having these 6" tags makes for easy cutting.

How sweet are these to tie onto your gift? Gnomes, deer, a bunny and a bear. A hand drawn and water colored owl with the phrase "A little owl told me"...on the backside is "You're sweet".

This owl's message is "Snuggle time" and "Thinking of you". 

While this little guy below with his big eyes has the message of "A little bird told me..." and if you couldn't guess this...the backside says "You're sweet". (This message goes wonderfully with a candy gift).

His eyes were made with a double application technique that I just learned at the Marlborough Scrapbook Expo. I'll blog about it soon in case anyone wants to know the details about how these raised 3D white and black eyeballs were made. (So simple too!) 

Here's a quick glimpse of the making of these wide-eyed owls:


 When it comes to gift tags there are so many possibilities and reasons to make them.  

Here are some fronts and backs. Top row will match in order with the bottom row.



This one-toothed sparkling embossed pumpkin is wishing a "happy autumn". The raised dots are from lightly dotting the tag with orange 3D fabric paint and the edges are rubbed with alcohol ink. There are a lot of tags with similar techniques like this. They just are differently designed. Here's the backside of this tag: 


"Happy Fall my friend" with a raised smiling pumpkin that was stamped then colored in with orange and green markers and edged with tan alcohol ink. To get the raised look, use a foam pop-dot.


Stickers are great to use. So aren't self adhesive gem embellishments and scrap pieces of die-cut out strips glued on.

Enjoy the pics of many more designs I've created. I hope you know that I'm only getting warmed up for Christmas tags. Order those from me early if you want some. Many people have already started to make their requests. And think of YOUR possibilities. What would you like to see on your Halloween tag? "creepy"? "crawly"?


Realistic looking spiders? Make them pop using Glossy Accents by Ranger. Trace the 3D glue/sealer over the web and spider to get this effect. 



Add a bow on top of the looped ribbon. Double ribbons add so much to the tag and is well worth the extra foot length used. Typically on the smaller tags, one ribbon is enough. And mix the ribbon colors up with matching complimentary colors.


When you need a Halloween card, simply take a tag and add it into your artwork for your card, like this:

If you think ahead, you can make a whole bunch of cards.



Last but not least, this "wicked" marker drawing with spider was a gift for an ole AVS friend of mine from my childhood school years. (Shout out to Angela!) She has a huge love for all things Halloween and I thought something homemade with one of the greatest New England words ever spoken (In my opinion, of course). 


As you can tell, so many tags, cards and homemade gifts were made for this fun-filled holiday and to celebrate the arrival of Fall 2016. Now if I can only refrain from eating the candy before it makes it onto these tags for the kids.

Thanks for reading my blog. Enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace on 10/9/16.