Making a Watercolor Stamped Snowman and a photo gallery of Christmas cards available November 27 2016, 0 Comments

As I begin the 2016 Christmas card designing for both my personal use and to sell at the online gift shop, I found this little snowman to be too cute to not share. I caught a couple of pics during his creation and can explain step-by-step what I did to make him.

First with pencil on watercolor paper, I lightly drew a snowman with snow mounds around him on the ground. If you can't draw your own snowman, just print mine out and trace over him. Better yet, give it a try and draw this one...or your own. Once you are satisfied with your pencil snowman, use a black permanent marker and draw it on for good. This time, I chose a Recollections brand marker.

With my watercolor paints, I painted in the colors that I like and start to shadow them in with more paint application. I used black, red, blue, brown, pink and orange. If you've never watercolored before, get yourself a paintbrush and a small palette of paints (like the kind you pick up in the kids section of your local craft store for as little as $1). Play with the brushstrokes and learn how to apply the right amount of water and paint by researching how-to videos online. Watercoloring can be a very hard medium to work with if you don't at least know the basics. Watching just a couple of videos could catch you up on the basics pretty quickly and my suggestion is to just play with the paint and learn on your own how to use it. If you follow me on Pinterest, you might easily find some of these videos in my pins.

It's one of my favorite mediums and I've been doing it for a couple decades. I loved it so much that in my 20's I decided to take a series of watercolor classes from a local artist teacher in her home studio. It paid off because she taught me more than just the fundamentals during her classes. It's all in the level of how much interest you have in this medium. But to do this snowman, it's what I chose to use. 

The scarf is shaded with black in this pic above. It's the only difference between the last two photos. But the scarf has more depth with the black shadowing added and makes it look more complete. The mounds of blue snow are shadowed by the water used in the painting brushstrokes. More water was added as I pulled the brush downwards. You can see shadowing on the snowman's body, under his hat on his face and under his scarf, plus along his edges. Since snow is white, black was the color chosen to lightly apply as the shadow color. Blue was picked for the ground snow to make it slightly different. Dark brown shadowed the light brown on his stick arms and light brown shadowed the orange on his carrot nose.  

To get that glistening glittery glow, add a Wink of Stella clear brush to what you'd like to shine. I picked some of the shadowed areas of the snow on the snowman and the ground.

Here's Wink of Stella added to the Christmas tree on another card I made. It was added to the tree limbs on the outer edges to give it the look of snow on the branches. Up close you can see how it shimmers in the light.

A gold star was added to the top of the tree using a metallic pen. Matching gold Washi tape crosses the card like a ribbon on a gift and compliments the colors used in the rest of the papers.

A snowflake and "celebrate christmas" rubber stamp was used to give it a completed look.

I think the design of this card is highly modeled after the first one I created (below). 

Only that snowman was stamped on and not hand-drawn. I plan to make more similar cards...with a variety of different snowmen, stamps, papers, sayings and Washi tapes. Since it's about that time of year where the Thanksgiving Day weekend is coming to an end and our New England weather starts to get colder and colder, Christmas starts really popping into people's minds. And for those of us that do mail cards, this is the time where we are starting to think about it. Unless you are my mom...who has already made her cards and just needs to buy the Christmas themed stamps to send them out.

If I can help you design your own homemade card or if you want to buy some of ours, let me know. 

We really have all kinds of cards to pick from, including these below made by Marj Kiley. 


If you prefer, we can bundle them into a gift-pack set and offer a discount. Most cards cost between $4 to $8 and can be personalized per your order.  We're hoping that you come to us for any homemade card, for any reason. All you need to do is tell us your card needs. Oh, here's some more cards to look at:

This snowman card is a "shaker card". The plastic clear bubble holds silver glitter that moves when the card is shaken. 

Most of the time they are original and unique cards but sometimes we make matching sets like the "hope" and "peace" cards below.

As these cards were photographed for this blog, I stacked them up before wrapping them individually in cellophane baggies for the gift shop. This is the pic of the stack I had. Most of which was made by my mother. I thought it was pretty impressive and wanted to share the shot.

If you decide to make your own, share them with us so we can see your artistic side. We'd love to see them. Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of ours. ;) 

Thanks for reading my blog. Enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace on 11/27/16.