Mixed Media Baby Congratulations Card with Adorable Elephant November 27 2016, 0 Comments

A big "Congratulations!" goes out to my friends Chris and Lindsey, on the news of expecting their first baby.  First I smiled at this exciting news for them...and then I made them a card. Since they've already received it, I can share it with you and how it was made.

This little elephant with hearts and umbrella is a rubber stamp of mine that I recently picked up at the local craft store. I started by stamping it onto watercolor paper with StazOn black ink, then painted it in with watercolor paints. I chose yellow for the umbrella because I thought it was a neutral color. Same goes for that green button embellishment. Notice the little bit of pink shaded into the elephants cheek? I thought that made him all that much cuter. Plus his (or her) little pink toes. 

From the two pics above you can tell that the elephants square watercolor panel is raised off the card front. This is done by using pop-dots underneath. They come in different shapes and thickness and are made from double-sided foam tape. I used 1/8" for this card.

I had a perfect "happy" wooden pin that I stuck into the lower right pop-dot of the elephant's raised square panel. I found this to be the most secure way to use a pin in my designs. This embellishment was at the very start of my creating this card because it seemed so fitting to use.  While I was going through my embellishment boxes I also grabbed the "congratulations" and scalloped edged "baby" paper embellishments and star stickers. The metal centers are silver discs glued into place.

I started with the bottom layer of ivory cardstock. (Thanks cousin Kris. As you can see, I've been putting the cardstock supply you gave me to good use!). A typical start to all my cards is to edge them in Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Distress ink. It's that light tan/brown hue that makes the edges look aged. Sometimes I use other colored inks depending on the color theme but this one is my go-to color. I also edged the elephant square in the same ink.

The first layer on top of the ivory cardstock is a black, white and grey repurposed postcard with flowers and lattice criss-crossing throughout. This reminded me of a flower garden, which I knew these two proud new soon-to-be parents would enjoy. A grey strip of scrap paper is under two blue designs I made with my Fiskars punch and complementary colored papers created a flag banner.

The envelope was designed for hand-delivery so I didn't have to worry about an address. A mixture of different papers, stamps and stickers personalized their designed envelope. If you end up mailing something like this, just put it into a padded envelope. First, to address THAT envelope and not the actual card envelope (leaving that option open to design it without worrying about addressing it) and second, to protect any embellishments you do add on to your card. At a minimum, have your post office mark it for hand-stamping only. And don't forget...those embellishments will add to the weight of your card, thereby adding to the cost of the postage to mail it.

I thoroughly enjoy making baby themed Mixed Media projects. I have been collecting baby stamps, papers, stickers and ideas on Pinterest for projects just like this one. Designing it is half the fun. The other half is giving it. This homemade card was appreciated and I was happy to make it for them. A big congrats again to the newly expecting couple.

Thanks for reading my blog and enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace on 11/27/16.