This Christmas Snoopy card came with an ornament, wine bag and tags...My December 16th contribution to all things festive December 17 2016, 0 Comments

As I headed over to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's house last night for dinner, I was clutching onto their upcycled Snoopy Christmas card with a few extra gifties I had made for them. I was waiting in anticipation to give them their homemade gifts and more excited because I was giving them some extra things for them to give away.

They were gracious enough to have us for dinner and it was the perfect time to bring them some wine.  Of course pairing the hand-stamped linen bag with some "It's WINE o'clock somewhere!" gift tags worked beautifully together. The wine bag reads, "A day without you is like a day without sunshine".

The blue dots are raised Scribbles Fabric Paint and added a whole lot more to the overall eye pleasing design. It is symmetrically lined and scroll rubber stamps are both on top and below the phrase.

The first of three gift tags is tied on by it's 1/2" ivory ribbon and is designed front and backside. The front has a purple watercolor painted gift stamped in StazOn ink and a Krazy Kreations black "A Gift For You" sticker. Foam pop dots raise the label off the card's surface.  

The envelopes to cards that I am not mailing, always get designed somehow. The striped sticker is cut to fit across the envelope and the little bird stands on top of it.  

The three gift tags were made using scrap papers that were cut using Tim Holtz tag die-cuts in a Sizzix machine. They were then edged in Time Holtz Vintage Photo and Ground Espresso Distress Inks. Some papers already had an embossed raised look and were selected because of that additional texture quality. The black Krazy Kreations outline stickers are placed around a hand painted rubber stamped image. The first tag has a Christmas Tree.


These show both front and back sides next to one another.


The second gift tag has a purple watercolor painted ornament and a cutout snowflake, which is also part of the Tim Holtz die-cut set. Each of the clocks on the tags have a matching colored gemstone glued to the center where the clock hands meet. The silver in the ornament is made using a metallic pen.

And lastly is the blue ornament. All three so similar, yet so different. I thought my in-laws would love to give them to their wine drinking friends, to pass on the gift of art even further.  I had a lot of fun making them. 


The yellow gift package is also watercolor painted. A bright yellow was chosen as a contrasting color. The Washi tape is grid paper with scientific equations written to look like the notes from a college student's notebook.  Oddly enough, I chose it out of the hundreds of different tapes I own and think it's because I think they are both WICKED smart and would appreciate the humor behind adding it in so randomly. 

The Snoopy card was given to me from a prior Christmas and was selected to upcycle personally for these two. The saying, "This year, more than ever...hope you get all caught up in the joy of Christmas!" comes from the inside of the old card and is edged in distress ink. It goes perfectly with Woodstock wrapping Snoopy up in Christmas lights. 

Usually I add glittered areas like the ones you see in this close up above. Because the card was a completely designed one already, that part was already done for me. Same goes with all those sparkly white snowflakes.  

The bright papers, some from Maker's Mart monthly card making club, are cut to make several layers below the light blue skied Snoopy layer (which is the old card cut to size)


Foam pop dots raise the message off the front of the card. 

These Joe Cool and Woodstock stickers were stuck on the inside leaflet and are seen as soon as the card is opened. I also placed the ornament inside this section of the card. This too was visible when the card was first opened.

Their ornament was personalized but I found this picture of the front and backside before writing any names on it and wanted to show its detail. The black santa-hat-wearing birds are standing on top of their message, "We Wish You A Merry Christmas".

Before I left my house I snapped this pic of the wine bag and tag in front of one of my wine racks. I never did put the wine inside. Instead, this bag was handed to them with the explanation that the wine bag actually contained our "after dinner drinks". It was a bag of candy wax bottles.

We all chomped the bottle top off and drank the candy liquid inside as we did many years ago, as children. It was nostalgic, it was silly and it was sickening sweet all at the same time. What a way to end a night of family fun.

Thank you for reading my blog. Enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace on 12/17/16.