When you love your candy shop so much you give them a gift back to say "Thanks" August 29 2016, 0 Comments

Pandolfi's Fine Chocolates is more than a candy shop to me. It's a small slice of bliss in my hometown of Bellingham, MA that I like to buy my sugary treats at. My family has known it and shopped it for years and I wanted to give Pandolfi's something that said thanks. Thanks for being such a great local business with a great product. Yum!

So I made a Pysanky Egg with a good luck elephant and customized their name on the other side with little candy bits such as their famous chocolate covered cherries.

The paper box is also handmade and custom decorated with an ornamental cherry on top.  


Close ups of the elephant show it's stripes and fringe on the blanket, a heart, cute little tail, a tusk above his curled trunk, a big blue eye and pink toes. (Nevermind that white dot above on his ear...that is just my camera's flash).


The gift tag was stamped with my flower stamp with black StazOn ink and then written on with a black Recollections marker. The blue edges were made by rubbing an alcohol ink filled dauber along the entire perimeter of the tag. Since the egg was black, the ribbon for the tag was selected to be the same color. When making gift tags, I always use an enforcer on the punched ribbon hole so the paper doesn't tear. I have found this to be a very small addition of work for a proven method of prolonging your artwork. 


Filling the homemade paper box with colorful cellophane shreds gives the egg and black wooden stand a soft place to rest while inside. This egg is made of a real chicken egg that was hollowed out and is extremely fragile. Per tradition, each color has it's own special meaning. Just the act of gift giving an egg is good luck and fortune to its receiver. 

I customized the gift tag with a blue Stabilo point 88 marker and tried to make my handwriting bubbly as I did with the "To: and From:" in black. 


Candy bits and chocolate covered cherries surround the Pandolfi name. A white belt border circles the edges in between the two sides to separate them.

This is what I walked in with and presented to the owner that day. I explained what I was giving them and why. It was received with such adornment and appreciation. I was told they had a shelf up high where it would sit proudly to show their customers. 

The gift has so much meaning behind it and I'll admit that it made my day. Walking out with a bag full of candy also made my day but that tale is for another day and another blog.

Thanks and enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace on 8/29/16