Wooden Christmas "be merry" ornament, my December 3rd contribution to all things festive this month December 03 2016, 0 Comments

Today's contribution to my blog about making all things festive in December, is this cute little wooden "be merry" ornament that I personalized with my nieces and nephews' names. I chose to share it today because I just finished it this morning and I already gave it to the family today, so no spoilers. Unless you are my other family members that I'm making them for and haven't given them to...YET. (Surprise! To those I'm talking about, you'll be getting one similar, soon...just with different kids names on them).

The backside has a 6 cent US postal stamp between two stamped and water-colored poinsettia flowers. Although the flowers are different, they do come from the same stamp set. Usually I never do an even number of flowers on any project but because of the smaller sized space and the fact they were so different, I made an exception to my "odd flower number" rule. The five birds wearing Santa hats are standing on the "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" greeting. All the black ink is StazOn permanent ink. The little tree cut out of the ornament is worked into the design on both sides.

I happened to research when the U.S.P.S. had 6 cent postage stamps. Answer was between January 1968 - May 1971 was the rate for a regular first class envelope.  The stamp itself is pretty cool and has an "old school" look to it. 

The close up photo shows some of the details. When stamping on wood, keep in mind that the grain can show in your designs. I think it gives it more character. Sometimes the ink from the pens, paints and inks used can also bleed into the wood grain lines and cause the colors to run. I chose to carefully and lightly watercolor anything I needed to add color to. I didn't bother tearing off the little extra side piece of paper on the postal stamp. I also thought that gave it more character. 

The Christmas card that went with the ornament gift was the one above, plus a couple of embellishments added to it that I forgot to photograph. The reindeer had a red jewel nose and a shiny silver snowflake was placed on the upper left corner of the card with a pop-dot, raising it off the surface and giving it some depth.  

As I give out the other wooden gift tags to my family members, I'll take pics and blog more to show them. Each will have different backs and if I can, I'll place a Christmas or winter postal stamp on each. Seems to be one of my signature styles in my Mixed Media art creations. 

The wooden Christmas ornaments have actually been part of an ongoing project that I've been working on with a friend since before Thanksgiving, which in turn has inspired her to incorporate postal stamps from her late brothers stamp collection into her artwork. It's actually such a touching story...I think I'll save that for another day to blog about. Here's a picture of some of the ornaments that were recently created.

And a pile of a whole bunch of wooden ornaments during the "making of".  There were several different designs and I plan to show them all...just in upcoming blogs this month.

A thick white or ivory ribbon laced through the hole makes the ornament able to hang and completes it. (1/2" ribbon worked nicely for this size hole).

Thank you for reading my blog. Enjoy your day.

Written by Jennifer Quilty for Tamm's Marketplace on 12/3/16