Slackin' off for tea time March 19 2014, 0 Comments

So instead of working on making an egg or doing something for the new business, I decided to take my sister-in-law up on her offer to go into Boston for tea time at the Fairmont Battery Wharf…so I said “YES!”

Yeah, it was too much fun. I don’t know if you are familiar with tea time or not, but the first time I experienced it, “wow”. I’ve had several experiences since and can say as different as they all were, I really enjoyed them all. So today, we had the option to start with champagne and lobster. Umm, again.. “YES!” After that, the white tea I ordered came and the three tiered plate. Ladies, you know the three tiered plate, right? Top shelf has breakfast scones with creams and jams, middle tier has mini sammies like salmon on pumpernickel, egg salad in a croissant and chicken salad with a wedge of grape on top and the lower level has desserts. The kind the diabetic in me hates. Cookies and mini puddings. I think they throw a wedge of strawberry in the mix to make you feel better about what you are eating. Hey, it worked for me. So maybe not the healthiest of lunches lately but damn! that was scrumptious.

So I uploaded a couple pics already and am thinking that it was worth slackin’ off for the day.

The table was decorated so nicely.

Oh those damn desserts! Wish I had one right about now…shhhh.

And then there were the hotels cool features and fixtures that caught my eye.