Inspiration is to just find it April 10 2014, 0 Comments

It’s true that I think inspiration is around us everywhere but only for those that wanna see it. I do most of the time. And then there are moments like this morning when I woke up grumpy for no apparent reason. Inspiration and any sort of motivation were just not making themselves present. Stress of life maybe but I felt it and just wanted it to go away. I checked my horoscope on my phone like I do every morning…and I’ll tell you every time I say the word horoscope, I also say “not that I believe in that”. BUT man do I love reading mine. It’s cuz it’s usually a positive message coming to me directly from the stars through my smartphone’s app. Hahaha! Couldn’t say that with a straight face. Well, whether horoscopes are believable or not is not the discussion here. It’s to say that my much needed message this morning was to “stay positive”. Wow, right?

Then I log onto Facebook to see one of my besties, Mel posted her new blog and online biz that her and hubby just launched. I’m excited for her as I was for myself when I started both of mine not that long ago. We are always on the same page and seem to do the same things at the same time. It’s a connection that anyone with a great friend knows. So here we are, two strong, funny, witty women blogging. I wanted to let her know that I’m proud of her blog’s message. It too screams staying positive and is a feel-good kinda read. Another form of inspiration I see. All of the sudden…her words picked me up this morning and inspiration came back. I sat in the sun for most of my afternoon and thought of ideas for my online gift shop and feel artistic and creative. Most of all, I enjoyed my day today, when I thought it was gonna be a bummer.

We are all pretty much the same and go through good and bad things. Keeping positive and being inspired to continue to enjoy whatever it is you love should be something everyone tries to find. I think that’s what turned my day around…I found it. That and the words from a really great friend. Now I just have to learn how to slow life down and enjoy every moment.