Coming Soon!

This is a sneak peek at some of our soon to be added items. They've been created, just not uploaded to the page yet because they are being finalized with framing, matting, varnishing and all that good stuff.


Sneak Peak Photos (email us if interested in anything below).

This flowered bunch is painted in acrylic on a wooden serving tray.

These flowers are painted on a metal tin.

Many new Pysanky eggs are getting ready for the Easter orders. These ones happen to be a bunch of blue and white dyed eggs. 

Upcycled Wine Bottles designed with Sharpie brand oil pens. Baked in oven to make designs permanent.

Custom made stone engraving (and plenty of pre-made designs coming too!)

Lots of Christmas ornaments coming. Lots!  Starfish Santa is playing pig pile.

An acrylic painting of two loons in the water. Double matted and framed in blue.

Clear framed phrase with GLITTER! and pink.

Snowmen. Cute, adorable snowmen. 

Original Watercolor. "Girl Gone Shopping"

Stamped and Embossed "I Love You" Heart on watercolor paper.

Metal Angel Pins.

Gift tags. Lots and lots of gift tags. Want to see more? Check out the 3/16/15 Blog and you'll see a huge collection. 

Glass tiled stepping stones. (This pic is before the grout was applied).