Cassie Star

Cassie's Story

Art means many different things to all people which opens a whole versatile world to explore. This is where I thrive & I enjoy learning and trying many new things so I feel the art scene was made for me. As a child I always got my hands into anything creative and inspiring. I have to thank my parents and few elementary teachers that encouraged my eccentric side.

I have attended two art schools (New Hampshire Institute of Art & Mass college of Art) to experience new mediums & discover where my heart lies. While attending Mass Art, I majored in hot glass, as soon as my hands felt the molten glass on the end of the blow pipe I knew I was home. Over the years I've moved from manipulating hot glass out of a furnace to lamp working on a torch solely for the change . Aside from glass work I make wonderful hairpieces of all kinds from barrettes to headbands to chopsticks for buns! I always wear one of my hairpieces for all whom appreciate aesthetically beautiful accessories! I constantly create new designs for pendants and hairpieces in hopes that one or many catch your eye and I wish for all to appreciate the crafts I produce.