Ellie Mustone

Hi, I'm Ellie, a mom, grandmother of four and great-grandmother to eight beautiful children.  I'm known as "Nana" to them. I've been an artist since I can remember and I'm going to be 91 this year!!! I've had the experience of making my own ceramics in my studio at my house and have created some great pieces like the green vase pictured below, that I gave to one of my granddaughters many years ago.  

I am a lover of art of all kinds and never limited myself to only one. (There are too many to love). I've painted in oils, acrylics, watercolor...basically all the different mediums.  I've even crocheted many hats to donate to the local hospitals for newborns and other charities like St. Jude Hospital that appreciated the passing on of a homemade crocheted hat for someone in need.  It's always been in my nature to give.

I've slowed things down a bit as the years pass and my "crafting" has become less and less. I've met many different people over the years and have experienced many joys in life thanks to my interest in art.  It brings people together.