Jennifer Quilty, Owner

Jennifer Quilty, Owner

I'm the one responsible for all those decorated eggs. I enjoy creating them with new designs like turtles or abstract flowers and strive to make these treasures more modern, rather than traditional Pysanky designs. I want people to know the traditional egg decorating symbols, the meanings about their colors and the rich history behind them. I also want them to have fun matching up what their personal egg means and enjoy something so unique in their home their family and friends will be envious.

It's fun making these and I love coming up with new designs or sets with themes. Who knows, one day I could create the coolest personalized wedding favors that could be on every bride's wish list. Gifting of an egg is supposed to bring the recipient good luck...what bride and groom wouldn't want to wish that to their guests? And with something that's not mainstream and is on the cutting edge? The possibilities are endless and I have created a list of ideas a mile long.  As an artist, my mind is always filled with ideas and my future project list is huge. I feel that I'll never be bored and I'll always have something to do.

My latest endeavors are leading me to create and blog about "Mixed Media" art.  This is where I put a bunch of mediums together and it forms into an awesome piece of original art. (toot! toot! there I go tooting my own horn). I tend to make these a lot for my personal gift giving when I have weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, housewarming and holiday parties to attend. When I can, I love to give my art to people that appreciate it. It means a lot to me to see others happy.

I am thankful I had the opportunity early 2014 to launch Tamm's online gift shop.  I figured I had a lot of talented friends that we could all grow together selling our homemade gifts and inspire one another along the way. So I asked them to join me and I created this Marketplace.  I hoped to bring a craft fair home to our customers (just without the long lines and junk food). Or better yet, be the reliable place that one could go to when they wanted a quality homemade gift for themselves or someone else and always be able to find something great and something unique.

I'm pictured with Barsky my Yorkie (yes, he is yawning...I think he was bored during the photoshoot) and I have a Chihuahua/Jack Russel mix named Keelin. They keep my husband and I entertained and me company during the day while I work on adding more things to Tamm's.  We proudly own a sign that hangs in our kitchen that reads: "My kids are furry and have four feet".  Don't be surprised to see them around in my photos I share through here, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.  Follow us, stay connected to the Tamm's team.

Life is too short to not enjoy what you love. I hope my creations I share with you have inspired you in some way.

Here are some of my creations:  (If available for sale, a link will be connected to its picture below. Just click on it).






These are playing cards that I upcycled with various mixed media techniques. Guess I follow my mom's motto: "you can paint it if it doesn't move". I'll find anything to use as a canvas for my art. Being an artist is one of the most inspirational gifts I've been given in my lifetime. If you've made it this far down on my page, then you are probably a fan of my art. Thank you. As much as I do it for myself, I do it for others to appreciate.