American Flags and Hearts Glass Jar QJA015

$ 15.00

This covered jar is decorated with American flags and hearts with a red, white and blue theme.  Wired straw twine is wrapped around the neck and knotted with a half circle spray of twine ends thats placed in the front. Both sides are decorated beautifully for full viewing of entire jar to make a nice table centerpiece.  The bottom has four felted pads.

This jar is not safe for food and is for decorative purposes only.  Was once a candle jar.  Suggestion: for more lighting, add your own battery operated set of string lights.  Looks great in the daytime with natural light coming through the painted glass.  Note: All Flags and Hearts are stickers adhered to the glass with layers of paint, glue and varnish and are not hand-painted.


Item QJA015