Blue Glass Jar with Owl Pendant and Bling! QJA010

$ 12.00

This blue glass jar has an owl pendant and a lot of Bling!  The owl measures 3" high and 1.5" wide, hangs from a purple suede loop around a wire handle that has silver, blue and green beads.  A two row studded belt wraps around the bottom of the jar and matches the jars' sparkly glitter paint. The bottom has four round felted pads.

Jar measures 4 1/4" high, (8" if handle is sticking straight up) and 4" wide.  Mouth opening is approximately 3". This jar is not safe for food and is for decorative purposes only.  Suggestion: for more lighting, add your own battery operated set of string lights.  Looks great in the daytime with natural light coming through the painted glass.


Note:  The glass has a crack inside of it but does not reach the surface of either side to feel.  It is only a visible crack that came with the jar when it was purchased new (before decorating and painting) and is probably from when it was made.  It's approximately 2.5" long and can be faced toward the backside to hide.


Item QJA010