Ceramic Tile Art - Pink Petaled Flower Close Up QCT020

$ 15.00

This 8 inch ceramic tile has an abstract close up of a pink petaled flower with a blue, green and magenta center. The petals have purple, pinks and orange with light green in the middle of each.  Tile was made using alcohol ink pens . It is for decorative purposes only and makes great wall art or would look nice placed on counter tops or furniture. Tile has four felt feet placed on the backside corners and a hanger centered in the upper middle backside. Sides are painted magenta to match the front. Each one is individual and no two exactly alike.

Included is a group ceramic tile shot when we had 17 of them on the fireplace hearth on display.  See if you can find this one in the group. It's in there. 

Item QCT020